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TEAM NAME: Canter For Cancer
PAGE CREATOR: Canter For Cancer Lakes
EVENT: Discover Adventure - Mongolian Horse Trek
EVENT DATE: 22/06/2014

Thanks for visiting our fundraising page.

Nicki Main, Cameron Lammas & Bill Pomare want to make a difference to Children with Cancer & their families...

We are working hard behind the scenes along with our family and friends to raise funds to help the Child Cancer Foundation to reduce the impact of cancer by offering services to ensure children and their families are supported, informed and well cared for on their journey with cancer.

We are putting together several fundraising events including a Cocktail and Auction Evening sponsored by Professionals McDowell Real Estate in conjunction with Peppers on the Point, on the 30th of November 2012, Garage Sales, Bingo Evenings & more...

We are going to do all the hard work; train for and complete this trek to help CCF Lakes, but we really need your help to make a difference to our charity.

Please could you sponsor us?

Select the 'Make a donation' button below. It's simple, fast and totally secure.

If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

So please sponsor us now!

Many thanks for your support

For more info, please email either Win win@nztravelbrokers.co.nz or Delwynne dhahunga@childcancer.org.nz

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Our Online Sponsors To Date
08/07/2013 Phoenix Sport Horses $30.00 Well done guys:-)
03/12/2012 Judi (Chief) $100.00 Travel safe You Intrepid team
30/11/2012 John and Win Macmillan $1,000.00 These awesome young adults are doing an amazing thing for Child Cancer Thank you so much Nicki Emily and Cam
29/11/2012 Cantabria Craft Group $2,103.80 The Craft Group at Cantabria Home & Hospital would like to donate the proceeds from our annual sale to this great cause.
28/11/2012 Anonymous $100.00 Awesome effort
22/11/2012 Kiwibird2004 $30.00 Thanks for the great trade, glade the money is going to. Great cause.
21/11/2012 Tilson Family $50.00 A great cause!
14/11/2012 Brian & Judi Moody $30.00 Nicki,Emily & Cameron, great stuff, cant wait to read your daily blog.
Total Raised Online: NZD$3,444.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$31,022.00
GRAND TOTAL: NZD$34,466.00
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34.47% achieved34.47% achieved
Our Goal: NZD $100,000.00
We've Raised: NZD $34,465.65
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