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Dianna, Bridgete (our trainer), Carol, Lynn & Gaynor

Dianna, Bridgete (our trainer), Carol, Lynn & Gaynor

Bridgete putting Carol, Lynn, Gaynor & Matthew through their paces

Bridgete putting Carol, Lynn, Gaynor & Matthew through their paces

PAGE CREATOR: Hospice Hobblers
EVENT: Coastal Challenge
EVENT DATE: 25/02/2012

In a moment of weakness Carol suggested that to celebrate being the Charity Partner for the Coastal Challenge, we enter a team - then she conned the rest of us to signing up without really telling us what we were signing up for.

The "Hospice Hobblers" is made up of Hospice staff - Carol Herbert, Gaynor Larsen & Lynn Kenyon from Fundraising, Dianna Lints, our Office Manager and one very brave Social Worker, Matthew Luxon.

We have discovered our youth has gone and our bodies are rebelling, so we have called in the big guns and have brought Bridgete Lal from Tomfit on board, to try and whip us into shape before 25th Feb

We will be competing (and I do use that term loosely) in the 33km Relay of the Coastal Challenge - a 33km run from Arkles Bay to Devonport - all along our beautiful coast. No roads and lots of water. We're not planning to finish in a flash time....we're just planning to finish. We're pretty sure that it won't be pretty, but it should be fun

We will all be putting in the hard yards training, but we also want to raise funds to support our patients and their families.

Please could you sponsor us?

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Many thanks for your support

My Online Sponsors To Date
24/02/2012 J Bancroft $35.00 Go you good things!! Proud of you all :-)
24/02/2012 Pauline Howell $25.00 Go - Hospice Hobblers!! I think you're all absolutly fab!! Good LUCK!!
24/02/2012 The one who piked out $100.00 Sorry I couldn't do it with you - maybe next year.
24/02/2012 Gaynor Larsen Fan Club $25.00 Go Hobblers. walk good lines, stay hydrated out there.
23/02/2012 ds $100.00 It doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that.
22/02/2012 Simon $25.00 Carol and team - enjoy. Will be thinking of you in Blighty as tucked up.
21/02/2012 Fabulous Aunty Yvonne $10.00
21/02/2012 Daniel $5.00 Go Mummy - you can do it
21/02/2012 Dad & Del $50.00 Give it heaps
20/02/2012 Graham Larsen $50.00 Well done Hospice Team - your determination is admirable!
19/02/2012 as above $25.00 Go team you are amazing.
18/02/2012 Mike L $100.00
16/02/2012 fifth avenue diamond jewellers ltd... $250.00 its been great to see your progress, good on you all and give it heaps .... smiley face..
16/02/2012 Foggy fan club $25.00 Go Hospice Hobblers-you are awesome!!
15/02/2012 Julie $25.00 Good luck team, enjoy!
14/02/2012 mike $100.00 go team go
09/02/2012 Carol and Stuart $50.00 go Gaynor and your fellow hobblers we are proud of you.
07/02/2012 Sash & Sean Kenyon $25.00 Go Mum, you can do it - we believe in you xx
03/02/2012 Rob L $100.00 Keep training!
31/01/2012 Suzanne $100.00 Go Sis
24/01/2012 peter pan $50.00 peter pan says go Tink lol... go team...
23/01/2012 Coral $25.00 Good on you Matty for giving it a go !!!
23/01/2012 Lynley $25.00 Good luck, girls. Wish I was with you - not!
22/01/2012 C & A Luxon $200.00 Give it heaps Matthew!
22/01/2012 Old Lints Family $25.00 Go the Hobblers5436780000823526
22/01/2012 Tandi $50.00 GO Girls!!
18/01/2012 The matty luxon hero parade dance team $25.00 We just want matty luxon to run run RUUUNN! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
17/01/2012 Thomas Cumiskey $50.00
17/01/2012 Irene Paton $25.00
15/01/2012 Aitken Family $30.00 Fantastic effort for a fantastic cause! Go Carol - we'll be at the end with liquid refreshments!
14/01/2012 Ma & Pa Kettle $25.00 Good Luck Lynn
12/01/2012 Esther & Pravin $40.00 Go well, hobblers - good on you all!
12/01/2012 Dari and Pete $50.00 Go Carol you are a legend!
12/01/2012 Sandy McGregor $10.00 All the best team - a great challenge for a fantastic cause!
11/01/2012 MGM Sandblasting Limited $100.00 I can't say how sapid you all are. The only advise I can give you is to make sure you all stretch at lest for 30 minutes before you start, So please stretch, stretch
I should know.
11/01/2012 Laszlo and Lynette $25.00 Good luck and just remember to enjoy the relay.
11/01/2012 The Liquorice Den $25.00 Go girls ! We know you'll do it - we have complete faith in you !!
11/01/2012 Jones Family $25.00 Go hard Dianna! Love from the Joneses xxx ps. the wine will be great at the end
11/01/2012 Lisa R $25.00 Go team, very proud of your efforts so far. All the best for the day.
11/01/2012 Jenny M $50.00 Impressive!!! Enjoy!!!
10/01/2012 K & G Luxon $250.00 Good on you,enjoy the destination!
10/01/2012 Wayne $50.00 Lints Family right behind you - go Dianna/Mum!!!
10/01/2012 John N $25.00 For Dianna - take care !
10/01/2012 2 Peppermints $55.00 Go Matty! We're with you all the way. Good luck.
09/01/2012 Barb $50.00 Go Matt!!!
09/01/2012 Geoff $50.00 Go Matt (and everyone else)!
20/12/2011 Wrights $50.00 You are all a great inspiration.
You go girls!!!
20/12/2011 carrie $20.00
15/12/2011 CHS2XL $25.00 A bit of a step up from Shore to Shore
15/12/2011 Mouse $100.00 Sale Of Goods Act - I would like proof of completion by you all !!!!
Total Raised Online: NZD$2,780.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$450.00
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My Goal: NZD $3,000.00
I've Raised: NZD $3,230.00
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