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PAGE CREATOR: Melissa van Blerk
EVENT: Assistance Dog for Melissa
EVENT DATE: 30/11/1999

We've reached our goal!

A HUGE thank you to Dave, Vic and the amazing staff at Westcon for the tremendous effort and support. We feel incredibly blessed!

Thanks for visiting our fundraising page!

We're raising funds for a Diabetic Assistance dog for Melissa, who was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes almost 2 years ago.

Type-1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease which destroys the body's pancreatic beta-cells - the only source of an essential hormone called insulin. This hormone is the key to enabling blood sugar to pass from the bloodstream into the body's cells.

Lack of insulin causes a raft of nasty consequences, starting with hyperglycaemia and its impact on the kidneys and ending with life-threatening Diabetic Keto Acidosis.

For Type-1 diabetics, the only treatment is a lifetime of injections of insulin carefully calculated to balance out the metabolic requirements as well as any carbohydrate consumption. For us, this means weighing all of Melissa's food, calculating the number of carbohydrates, then adjusting her insulin pump which provides her with a continuous, minute supply of insulin throughout the day.

So far, so good...but diabetes likes throwing curve-balls! On any given day, due to any given set of circumstances, her insulin requirements may increase or decrease, so that the calculations can never be more than an educated guesstimate.

So what does this mean for Melissa?

Effectively - if her insulin absorption is too rapid, or her digestion too slow, or she gets too excited, or a purple car drives past(!), there's the risk that Melissa will experience an episode of hypo-glycaemia, where the blood sugars run dangerously low. Hypoglycaemia can result in seizures, coma or even death - they are serious, unpredictable events hanging over our heads night and day. We tread a fine line maintaining her levels between high and low, with very little margin for error.

Are there any technological advances that might assist us?

Yes - there are some amazing gadgets called continuous glucose monitors, which are inserted into the skin for a period of 7 days at a time and provide readings every 5 minutes - these are invaluable in providing an early warning system to ward off lows or highs, but come at a price...and in our case trigger nasty skin reactions to the adhesive.

So what would an Assistance Dog do that the technology can't, and why are they so expensive?

Assistance dogs can be trained to recognise the scent of hypoglycaemia and respond in a defined way to ensure that the correct assistance is given. The dogs provide a backup to exhausted parents who generally test blood glucose levels at least twice overnight and also offer valuable companionship to children who suffer the indignities of constant finger-pricks and insulin injections.

The dogs at Assistance Dogs New Zealand are put through rigorous training for two years prior to placement, to ensure they meet the criteria for service dogs and can therefore accompany Melissa wherever she may need to be. The estimated cost of training these dogs is around $48k and our fundraising goal is $20k towards the next placement.

Please help us reach that goal and make a positive difference to the lives of families coping with this unforgiving disease.

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If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

Many thanks for your support

My Online Sponsors To Date
23/07/2014 Lisa Rose $25.00 Good luck with this Dries and family! My stepson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 15 months, so we have been through the years of toddler tantrums and injections, middle of the night blood tests and the "why did THAT happen?" questions. Nick is now a strapping 6'4" 16-year old, active and sporty and very much self-managed, although with hormones raging, life can be a bit up and down still! Enjoy the dog!
27/06/2014 Ida Koran Trust - Ecolab $2,819.04 Special thanks to Sue Mortenson and the members of the Ida Koran Trust for this donation!
26/06/2014 Annelie and Mark $40.00 You guys have been and are going through so much. All the best Melissa and new special pup! Love from us. x
26/06/2014 Scott F $50.00
26/06/2014 Dale $29.01 Best Wishes Melissa xoxo
26/06/2014 MU $25.00
26/06/2014 Hamish B $50.00
26/06/2014 Gerhard, Lizelle Luke Ryan x $50.00 Always in our prayers and thoughts. Xxx
25/06/2014 Annette and Nick $40.00
25/06/2014 Les, Johan, Abi, Ari, Ben $25.00 Be blessed.
25/06/2014 Este Burnett $25.00 Good luck guys, dink aan julle. xx
25/06/2014 Adam, Jo and Eden $200.00 xxxooo
25/06/2014 Shell Orum $100.00 I've been meaning to do this for ages! So excited for the upcoming four legged addition to your family and everything that comes along with it. Happy times and love to your family xx
25/06/2014 Miro Slabbert $50.00 I can't wait to meet Cleo (the canine version, that is).
25/06/2014 Mary Shaw $50.00 Go Missa ! :)
25/06/2014 Vic $5,000.00 What a clever dog!
25/06/2014 Dave Clark $25.00 All the best
24/06/2014 Bela $30.00 You are doing an amazing job, stay strong!
24/06/2014 Mitali Guruchal $25.00 Good luck Van Blerks :)
24/06/2014 IP $100.00 Be Strong & never give up! All the best
24/06/2014 Jason Hole and family $100.00 All the best with reaching your target!
24/06/2014 Alexandra $25.00
23/06/2014 Sharon Hinde $50.00 Best Wishes
23/06/2014 Melita & Family $50.00
23/06/2014 Donater $25.00 All the best.
23/06/2014 Suzanne Green $25.00 Good Luck Guys
23/06/2014 Symon Thurlow $100.00 All the best mate
22/06/2014 Willie & Anne Williamson $30.00 Go Dries, Melissa and family! Thoughts are with you
21/06/2014 Darryl Grauman & Family $100.00 Good luck!!
20/06/2014 Avaya ANZ Team $2,000.00 Good luck and all the very best from the Avaya ANZ team
20/06/2014 Check Point Team $500.00 Wishing the family all the best from the NZ Check Point Team.
20/06/2014 Zane & Tash Bryhn $50.00 Good luck Van Blerk Family
20/06/2014 David Krassin $25.00 Best of Luck
20/06/2014 Aditya & Shiraz $30.00 All the best.
20/06/2014 Du Preez family $100.00
20/06/2014 Jax $100.00
20/06/2014 Mary Mansfield $50.00 All the best to you and your family Dries
20/06/2014 Pablo Garcia Curtis $100.00 Our thoughts are with you all
20/06/2014 Joe V $20.00 good luck
20/06/2014 OT $50.00
19/06/2014 Mark & Jo $100.00
19/06/2014 Rita $30.00 Good Luck
19/06/2014 Roman $50.00 All the best.
19/06/2014 Computer Concepts Ltd $1,000.00 Good Luck from all the CCL team
19/06/2014 Lani $100.00 Good luck! :)
19/06/2014 Martin Gray $150.00 Veels geluk Dries en familie !
19/06/2014 Ben Giblett $50.00 Good luck!
19/06/2014 Maree Thornton $25.00 Hi Dries, sorry to hear your news, all the best for you and your family.
19/06/2014 JohnH $100.00
19/06/2014 Olivia $25.00
19/06/2014 Holly Smith $50.00 Every donation helps Dries, here's hoping you and your family reach the $20K mark for Melissa!
19/06/2014 Scott Frew - DC $1,000.00 Best of luck with the target
19/06/2014 Andy Maher $25.00
17/06/2014 Veena Mitthal $25.00
11/06/2014 Caroline $50.00 Hope this helps
11/06/2014 Steve $50.00 Best wishes
09/06/2014 Alban $50.00 Great initiative! All the best!
08/06/2014 Dave Rosenberg $100.00 Good luck
05/06/2014 Zee $30.00 Love animals, love kids, great combination for a good result.
05/06/2014 Jay $40.00 All the best
05/06/2014 Marco & Jess $55.00 We hope this small donation helps you reach your target. We would love to see Melissa with an assistance dog asap :)
04/06/2014 Michael Jiang $66.00
04/06/2014 Julia $50.00 All the best
04/06/2014 Mark and Lisa $100.00 Stay Strong van Blerk's
04/06/2014 John Roxburgh $100.00
04/06/2014 Cat $100.00 All the best Van Blerks :-)
04/06/2014 Michelle Hall $50.00
04/06/2014 Tiff $25.00
04/06/2014 Glynis $25.00 Best Wishes Dries to you and your family
04/06/2014 Huiyan $50.00 best of luck
04/06/2014 Mary Budd $25.00 Best of Luck
04/06/2014 Rudi Prinsloo $25.00 Sterkte Dries en familie.
04/06/2014 Tony Frost $50.00 Very best wishes
04/06/2014 Westcon Group NZ $4,000.00 Good luck Melissa!
03/06/2014 Caro $100.00
30/05/2014 helen and kelvin $50.00
29/05/2014 Vidhya Skantha $100.00 :)
29/05/2014 Hari Houdini $25.00 Good luck :)
29/05/2014 Kirsti $100.00 Good Luck!
29/05/2014 Anthony $40.00 Great iniative
29/05/2014 Shaun Graham $25.00 Best of luck Melissa, Kia Kaha.
29/05/2014 Kelly Salmon $40.00
29/05/2014 SLVTOP $25.00
29/05/2014 Lloyd Vickery $40.00 Best of luck! :)
28/05/2014 Stuart $20.00
28/05/2014 Jax $100.00
06/05/2014 Karina $50.00 Dogs are amazing, all the best
04/05/2014 Shawn & Sara $99.99 The boss will get a life saver and a friend - it's lekker.
29/04/2014 Assistance Dog Hero $25.00 We are benefitting from having an autism assistance dog in our family. Good luck Melissa and you will be fine. I have been diabetic for 30 years and have had a wonderful healthy and full life.
24/04/2014 Jax $100.00 The first step in a long journey!
Total Raised Online: NZD$20,999.04
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
GRAND TOTAL: NZD$20,999.04
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