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EVENT: 500km with 0hrs Sleep
EVENT DATE: 22/11/2012

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

A brief outline as to what I am doing. On November the 22nd (Thursday at 9.00am) I will be running, walking, shuffling and quite possibly crawling around the Auckland Domain. I will be running/walking around the Sri Chinmoy Peace mile loop 332x(500km)without sleep until I pass American Ultra runner Pam Reed's distance of 301 miles(486km).
The Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile loop actual measurement using the IAAF/ AIMS approved calibrated bicycle method is 1,506.712 metres.
Thus 332 laps would amount to [332 X 1.506712} = 500.228 kms

This should take me anywhere between 80 -90hrs.I am out to beat the distance, not the time but obviously the quicker I can complete this, the sooner I get to SLEEP!
I envisage finishing some time on Sunday the 25th.
This will be a huge challenge, not only physically but mentally and there are days I simply can't get my head around being awake for that length of time. But in the words of Nelson Mandela "It always seems impossible until it is done.

Here is the link to my facebook page if you would like to kept up todate with whatis happening. https://www.facebook.com/bluelight500km0hrsleep

I am raising funds and awareness for The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust.
In New Zealand alone, we have one new Spinal Cord Injury every five days resulting in long lasting impairment. Whilst there are a number of organisations providing valuable rehabilitative support to those with SCI; The CatWalk Trust aims to challenge the current boundaries of research, enabling those suffering from a SCI to walk again
After exploring several options, the group agreed that supporting researchers in the very realistic bid for a cure for Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) would be CatWalk’s aim. And so, The CatWalk Trust is dedicated to raising funds to support the body of scientific opinion which says a cure for Spinal Cord Injury will be found. (The text above is taken from the CatWalk web page www.catwalk.org )

"The true miracle is not walking on water or on air, but simply walking on this earth." Thich Nhat Hanh

I'll do all the hard work; train for and complete this event, but I really need your help to make a difference to my charity.

Please could you sponsor me?

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So please sponsor me now!

Many thanks for your support

My Online Sponsors To Date
26/12/2013 Chocolate Fish Syndicate c/- Racechat $20.00
23/12/2013 Bruce Hamilton $20.00
22/12/2013 James, Victoria and Alexandra fletcher $50.00 We were picnicing in the Domain today and were incredibly inspired by your tremendous effort. We joined you for a couple of laps but it was hard to keep up with you! Very well done Kim, we hope you achieve your world record.
03/12/2012 Kees and Sue $25.00 Fantastic effort Kim!
02/12/2012 Heinz and Diane $50.00 Well done, happy to support.
29/11/2012 Mary & Michael Gemmell $100.00 Kim, you are amazing, what a great achievement. You have always been dedicated to whatever goals you set.
28/11/2012 Miriam Harrison $25.00 Amazing achievement!
28/11/2012 Powell & Rae Lewis $100.00 So Proud of You
27/11/2012 Jason Buckley $135.00 It was an absolute privilege to run/ walk with with you over the past 4 days
27/11/2012 Mike and Sue McLellan $100.00
27/11/2012 Karen $40.00 Wow, I'm at a loss for words. I don't know how you continued on those wrecked feet. Well done to you! (so when is the next attempt??)
27/11/2012 Max Reid $25.00
27/11/2012 Mark and Gabby $50.00 You are an inspiration to all, thanks for letting me join you for a part of your epic adventure.
27/11/2012 Philip $25.00
27/11/2012 Penny "night shift" $100.00 Keep dreaming Big Kim, keep believing Big, and you will continue to inspire BIG. You are an Absolute Star & it was an absolute pleasure to be there for you. ps. I wish my grey cells could work as well as yours even with sleep!
26/11/2012 Tracy Benjamin $50.00 What I witnessed over your 4 day journey was truly amazing!
26/11/2012 Orange Dog Ltd $500.00 Thank you - awesome work.
26/11/2012 Linnette $25.00 Such an inspiration to so many. Will remember this event for a long time to come
26/11/2012 pumpkin76 $5.00
26/11/2012 Loren $10.00
26/11/2012 Lorena $20.00 You are such an inspiration Kim and I hope you see the cure for Spinal Cord injury become a reality!
26/11/2012 Ali Gascoine $50.00 You are insane Kim... but in a really, really good way! Good stuff, what an amazing effort, so proud of you x
26/11/2012 Fiona and David Wright $100.00
25/11/2012 I.W $100.00 Am in awe!! amazing super trooper effort!!
25/11/2012 Chris Woods $100.00 Amazing !!
25/11/2012 Sally Law $100.00 Kim what you are doing is astonishing. You are brave and mad in equal measures. Go well and take care.
25/11/2012 Audrey D'Souza $25.00 God Bless You, what a tremendous effort. Our best wishes from a wellwisher.
25/11/2012 Maxine and Brent Abbott $25.00 Well done Kim. Brent and Maxine Abbott
24/11/2012 Kim McInally and Wayne Innes $50.00 The courage and determination you must have to even attempt this is truly extraordinary. What an inspiration you are. Good luck!
24/11/2012 HJ $500.00 An inspiration to all of determination
24/11/2012 David and Kelly Oxton $150.00 Going well - you can do it
24/11/2012 Wayne Botha $60.00 You are an inspirational superhero Kim! All the best.
24/11/2012 elle $100.00 you are an inspiration
24/11/2012 Russell & Lois $50.00
23/11/2012 Nigel and Melissa Higgins $50.00 Such a worthy cause. Good luck!!
23/11/2012 Sam & Andre $30.00 You are one truly inspirational woman Kim!
23/11/2012 Alison Wheeler $25.00 What an amazing thing to do for a great cause
22/11/2012 Brendan $25.00 Words fail me Kim- great to run a few laps with you earlier, and will see you again tomorrow and over the weekend. Kia Kaha!
22/11/2012 Marea Wood $50.00
22/11/2012 P & K Donachie $250.00
21/11/2012 Helen Bailey $15.00 Good Luck
21/11/2012 Martin & Lisa Bell $25.00 For your courage to undertake this challenge, for your kindness and dedication to support a good cause, for your compassion and generosity! Be strong and don't give up!
20/11/2012 Jane Hewitt-Smith $100.00 What you are doing is outstanding Kim! We will be thinking of you heaps, you go girl! xx
20/11/2012 Claire Donachie $100.00 Kim I am in awe of you. You are totally unselfish and I know that you are pushing you body to its limits for the sake of people you dont even know. I will never forget what you are about to do to help people like me hopefully one day have the pleasure of walking again. You are incredible and my family and myself will be there on your last day to hopefully spur you on. Love you very much. Take care.
19/11/2012 David McNelly $20.00 Such an awesome thing you're doing for such a wonderful cause! Best of luck!
18/11/2012 Kiri Price $25.00 I know you can do this Kim - you will be absolutely amazing! And what an incredible cause to be supporting - you go girl! xx
05/11/2012 Janet & Vic $25.00 Cheers. We hope it goes well.
01/11/2012 Kendyl $30.00 Go Hard Kim!!
25/10/2012 Michael & Barbara Dobson $250.00 Love & All the Best.
23/10/2012 North Shore Massage Therapy $150.00 So proud of being associated with what you are doing Kim.
10/10/2012 Jasjot Kohli $20.00 You are an inspiration! Good luck :)
07/08/2012 NZ BLUE LIGHT $400.00 Congratulations Kim, we at BLue Light a proud to be playing a small part in your amazing efforts to make a difference. Regards Rod and the Team at BLUE LIGHT.
06/08/2012 Kori Kita NZ sportswear $50.00 Kim - is a massive accomplishment to even consider this! I will be there in person both to count laps and to shuffle along beside you. Kia Kaha.
31/07/2012 Sue Hardy $25.00 You go girl. If you want some support on the run, I'll run a few laps with you any time. You are amazing and a nutter as well xx
29/07/2012 fiona wright $25.00 you go girl:)
28/07/2012 Trent Norman $25.00 Awesome Kim, good luck!!
28/07/2012 Renee Allan $25.00 Love you mum!! xoxo
28/07/2012 Vivian Cheng and Richard Wall $25.00 Go Kim! All the best with the training and fundraising. You can do it! :o)
28/07/2012 Simon Clendon $25.00 Epic, Kim! Massive challenge. I wish you all the best in your fundraising (and crazy running) efforts. I'll be out there doing a few laps with you and making sure you don't fall asleep :-)
Total Raised Online: NZD$4,675.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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My Goal: NZD $5,000.00
I've Raised: NZD $4,675.00
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CatWalk Spinal Injury Trust
CatWalk Spinal Injury Trust
The CatWalk Trust is dedicated to raising funds to support the body of scientific opinion which says a cure for Spinal Cord Injury will be found. For more information see www.catwalk.org.nz
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