Welcome to Mark Colthart's Mission for Mercy II

Mark Colthart's Mission for Mercy II

The Event

The Event

Di - My Inspiration

Di - My Inspiration

Made it! 13.54.07

Made it! 13.54.07

Lake Tarawera

Lake Tarawera

PAGE CREATOR: Mark Colthart
EVENT: Tarawera UltraMarathon 2011
EVENT DATE: 19/03/2011


I made it!!!!! Completed the 100K event in 13:54:07, 39th place overall.

See my blog on the right for more details.

Marathons are too easy...

In 2009, with the support of many very generous sponsors, I raised over $8,000 for Mercy Hospice running in the Auckland Marathon. The wonderful people at Mercy Hospice cared for my mother Di until she passed away in April 2009, and it was my small way of giving something back to them.

I completed the 2009 marathon in 4 hours 7 minutes, narrowly missing my goal time of 4 hours flat, but bettering my previous personal best time by 18 minutes. In October 2010 I ran in the Auckland Marathon again and finally beat that elusive 4 hour mark, coming in at 3 hours 53 minutes.

So now I've decided that marathons are too easy. I've committed to something which will take me far beyond my comfort zone - the 2011 Tawawera 100km Ultramarathon on the 19th of March. This is a truly inspiring trail race, beginning in the Redwood Forest in Rotorua and winding its way around the Blue Lake, Lakes Okareka, Okataina and Tarawera, to the home of NZ's next top model, Kawerau.

I'll be doing the race with the support of my wonderful family. It will be, by far, the hardest thing I have ever attempted. I have no idea whether it is even possible, but then, if you know for certain that you can do something, what's the point?

So, I'll do all the hard work, train for and complete this event, but I really need your help to make a difference to my charity.

Please could you sponsor me?

To make a donation please select the 'Make a donation' button below. It's simple, fast and totally secure. Your donation will go directly to Mercy Hospice Auckland, and will help them continue with the amazing work they do.

If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

Many many thanks for your support

My Online Sponsors To Date
15/04/2011 John McKay $100.00 Outstanding!
30/03/2011 Max, Charlie, and Lucie $125.00 Run faster daddy!
30/03/2011 Graeme Colhoun $40.00 Great race - Great run - Great cause. Huge congrats Mark!!
29/03/2011 Vivienne Crawshaw $100.00 Well done, Mark
29/03/2011 Richard & Andrea $50.00 Well Done Sparky
28/03/2011 Rex $50.00 Well done Mark.Can you please stop now.
28/03/2011 John Heimsath $50.00 fantastic effort
28/03/2011 Nigel Harrison $50.00
28/03/2011 Paul Cogswell $25.00
26/03/2011 Delwyn D. $40.00 Congrats.Great run for Di.
24/03/2011 Plan 2 Survive Ltd $50.00 Well done Mark.
24/03/2011 simon Lucas $200.00
22/03/2011 Andrew Barker $50.00 Well done, Mark
19/03/2011 Anna Garland $50.00 Mark - I can't decide whether you're insane or amazing. Perhaps a little of both - go well.
17/03/2011 Randle $100.00 Lots of luck on your crazy runathon. Hope the blisters stay away. Lots of love, the McDs.
17/03/2011 Fitzy $100.00 You are a madman MC
17/03/2011 Tristram $50.00 Good luck on the day mark! T
16/03/2011 Roz & Haydn $500.00 A truly mad undertaking but inspired by the generosity of those that looked after Di so well. Good luck for the big day.
16/03/2011 Alex, Dan, Isabella and Ava Stoneham $50.00 You are truly an inspiration. Di would be immensely proud.
16/03/2011 Alignworks Ltd $100.00 All the best Mark!!!
16/03/2011 Fanny, Hog, Tim, Benji + Isabel $50.00 Go Sparky! Di will be watching and so damn proud of you. Run like the wind.
16/03/2011 Bernie,Steve, Jack & Eva $200.00 Mercy Hospice is all about dignty, something you have in spades
15/03/2011 Chris the conman $100.00 Shit this a lot cheaper and more rewarding than hiring a barrister!
15/03/2011 Anne $100.00 Good luck Mark.
15/03/2011 Steven White $100.00 It seems like you made the decision to do this during one of those drunk runs home from the pub when one feels invincible...for a time anyway. Stay strong mate, and resist the temptation to stop along the way and eat the mushrooms, despite what they're saying to you.
15/03/2011 Mark and Carolyn $50.00 Good luck and no stopping!
14/03/2011 Brian Keene $130.00 Good Cause You'll be home in a canter
14/03/2011 INBODY $50.00 good luck, although I am sure you dont need it. From the girls at INBODY
14/03/2011 Donnelle $50.00 Mark you are amazing - best of luck for the day
14/03/2011 Simmonds Family $200.00 Best wishes from us all Mark.
14/03/2011 Viv James $50.00 Go for it Mark!! Every step at a time!!
14/03/2011 Wayne $50.00 Good luck Sparkles
14/03/2011 Kristy $50.00
13/03/2011 Aaron B $100.00 Hey Mark, it's a good thing there are crazy people out there,just give it heaps and enjoy the journey..
13/03/2011 Jon Lockyer $50.00 Good Luck for the run!
10/03/2011 Antony $100.00 Mark, I am walking 100km for Oxfam in April - that seems daunting enough. All the best.
09/03/2011 Marguerite $30.00 Thank goodness for crazy people.. great cause.. ENJOY the big day...
07/03/2011 Brett & Natasha $50.00 Good luck mate
07/03/2011 Brett & Vicki $50.00 You are bonkers.
04/03/2011 Ian & Tans $50.00 "Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up. "; DK. Go fella!
03/03/2011 ERA/BUDGET TAXIS LTD $50.00 Keep up the good work and all the best Mark.
03/03/2011 Mark Kelly $100.00 Good luck Mark.
03/03/2011 Romans 6:23 $50.00 Best of luck. Just remember you were born to run.
02/03/2011 Simon $30.00 All the best Mark
01/03/2011 Moose $100.00 run Sparky run!
01/03/2011 James Foley $50.00
28/02/2011 Margaret Langham $20.00 Finally donated Mark - your amazing, go well!
28/02/2011 Bazyl Piotrowski $50.00
27/02/2011 Penny $50.00 Great idea. Go for it.
24/02/2011 Sam, Lesley & Lilian $200.00 Lilian thinks walking's hard enough - she is well impressed!
24/02/2011 Kelly, Frances and India $100.00 Whatever happen to that 24 Steinlager guzzling, cigarette puffing, meat and doughnut connoisseur I grew up with? Good on you brother.
24/02/2011 Melissa K $40.00 Kia kaha!
23/02/2011 Bruce and Anne $100.00 You're an inspiration Mark. Good luck!
22/02/2011 Brian Everett $100.00 Keep up the good work. Great to see you up to the plate to go again.
21/02/2011 Christine & Paul Donaghy $50.00 Go you good thing! Good luck Mark.
21/02/2011 Juno of sheinkin $100.00 Good luck Mark !!
21/02/2011 Chris 'The Running Man' Pavey $40.00 Truly Mad! Truly Inspiring! An experience of a lifetime! Enjoy every minute of it Mark!
21/02/2011 Cook Property Group $200.00
21/02/2011 Mike Lucas $100.00 All the very best Mark, hope all goes well
21/02/2011 mcmahons $50.00 good luck - i think you'll need it!
21/02/2011 Amodeos $100.00 You will never do it you donut eating freak
21/02/2011 Maddy $100.00 Great effort and all the best Mark!
21/02/2011 The E-Ps $50.00 Rather you than me my old friend! Good luck, and Di would be proud.
21/02/2011 Greg Allen $50.00
21/02/2011 Alex McDonald $100.00 Go Mark!
21/02/2011 James Wyndham $100.00 good luck brother
20/02/2011 Susan and Mike $50.00
18/02/2011 Jonathan $50.00 Good luck!
18/02/2011 Anisa $50.00 Good luck Mark!
18/02/2011 Naufahu Family $100.00
16/02/2011 Richard Leikis $50.00 That's a long way
15/02/2011 Sue Lidgard $50.00 All the very best Mark.
14/02/2011 Maree $50.00 All the best, Mark.
14/02/2011 David Spencer $100.00 All the best Mark
13/02/2011 Jeanette $50.00 Go for it!
11/02/2011 Deanne $50.00 Bring on the men in white coats, he's finally lost it....good luck mark
11/02/2011 David J $200.00 All the best
10/02/2011 Amy $50.00 It's a ridiculous thing to do, good luck! Amy x
10/02/2011 Jen Egan $30.00 Good luck Mark - can't wait to hear how you get on!
10/02/2011 mark carter $100.00 that's a gutsy effort
10/02/2011 Carmel Byrne $100.00 Well done on making such a great effort for such a good cause Mark
10/02/2011 CHEST $20.00 Go Sparky, you are totally crazy!!!
10/02/2011 Advanced Building Solutions Ltd $100.00 Good Luck
10/02/2011 Elaine and Rod $50.00 good luck
07/02/2011 Pat McGrath $50.00 Hard yacka all the best
04/02/2011 sarah & phil $100.00 clearly mad but your heart is in the right place- good luck!
04/02/2011 Karen Evans $50.00 Good onya
04/02/2011 Karen Evans $50.00 Good onya
04/02/2011 Kirst and Harky $100.00 Blimmin amazing Sparky! Go well xoxo
04/02/2011 The Sydney Grants $100.00 Hey Mark - best of luck! Hope your toe nails regrow after the marathon ;)
03/02/2011 Sue Fricke $100.00 Mark - You are attempting something amazing, and doing it for something wonderful. Inspirational!!!
03/02/2011 Chris van Vliet $100.00 Good luck Mark!
01/02/2011 Lars $50.00 Run Sparky Run
01/02/2011 Steve Shin $50.00 Good luck Mark!
01/02/2011 Glenn Turner $100.00 Good Luck Mark. Train hard
28/01/2011 Claire Allan $100.00 Good luck!
28/01/2011 Brett Cran $100.00 Mark, clearly your sanity and judgment need to be questioned, all the best for this! Train well and don't injure yourself.
28/01/2011 Dirk Lisk $100.00 All the very best for the event
27/01/2011 Ian A $100.00
27/01/2011 Jacquie $40.00 Mark good luck with the ultra.
27/01/2011 Marc Ferreira $30.00 Good luck!
26/01/2011 Bruce Pamatatau $100.00 Go hard Brother!
26/01/2011 Tony Gore $50.00
26/01/2011 Mike F Junior $150.00 Keep up the good work.
26/01/2011 Sarah H $40.00 Good luck Mark! I don't envy you those hills!
26/01/2011 Nigel Hannigan & Tony Barlow $200.00
26/01/2011 MARC SPRING $100.00
26/01/2011 Building Disputes Tribunal $100.00 Good luck and best wishes
26/01/2011 Derek $100.00
26/01/2011 Eugene $100.00 Happy running, Mark !
26/01/2011 Ian $200.00
Total Raised Online: NZD$9,780.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$420.00
GRAND TOTAL: NZD$10,200.00
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I've Raised: NZD $10,200.00
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