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EVENT: Coastal Challenge
EVENT DATE: 25/02/2012

Thanks for visiting our fundraising page.

At Albany PaknSave we do all we can to support North Shore Hospice so on February a group of us are going to put our bodies on the line to compete in the Coastal Challenge. Two of our Managers (Bob and Tony) are doing the 22k run, Mary-Kate is doing 17k walk and Yew Hsin is doing 11k run. We also have a number of staff who are keen to enter as well.

Please could you sponsor us?

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My Online Sponsors To Date
27/02/2012 PaknSave Albany Owners $500.00 Hospice Support
27/02/2012 PaknSave team $100.00 Our donation to Hospice
25/02/2012 Maria Robins $50.00 Great stuff Tony!
24/02/2012 Julie $25.00 I'll be there to ease your aches and pains after its done!!
24/02/2012 Alayna $30.00 Go Dad!!...great cause...have fun!! :)
24/02/2012 Liz Halpin $30.00 .... show the young ones what real men are made of. Good luck :)
24/02/2012 William and Charlotte $10.00 Go Grandma GO!! Go Grandma GO!!!!
24/02/2012 Annette $25.00 GO MUM!!! GO TEAM!!! Good Luck!!
24/02/2012 Collins Family $25.00 Go Mum
22/02/2012 Pak n Save Staff $200.00 Go Team!!!
21/02/2012 Paul Harrison $20.00 Tony Run like the wind mate
20/02/2012 Del $75.00
19/02/2012 Watties Team $150.00 Good Luck from the Watties Team
17/02/2012 Robin $50.00 Go Yew Hsin Go.
Good man.
13/02/2012 Coca Cola $10.00 Good Luck Champ!
12/02/2012 vince $25.00 great stuff
10/02/2012 Sharon $25.00
09/02/2012 Helena ( Chelsea Sugar) $50.00 Great cause - Happy to contribute
07/02/2012 Michelle Liddell (Griffins) $50.00 Great Work, Good on you.
05/02/2012 Helen/Cerebos Greggs $50.00 Good on you mate, awesome stuff!See you at the finish line!
01/02/2012 API Consumer Brands $50.00 Happy to support a good cause. Good Luck
01/02/2012 Cardinal Solutions $100.00 All the best from the team @ Cardinal Solutions. It's a great event.
31/01/2012 Adrian (SHOT Energy NZ) $100.00 Great to see you're all giving it a SHOT! All the best!
27/01/2012 Kerrie (SCA) $50.00
26/01/2012 John Mc $75.00 All the best.
26/01/2012 Lynda (Arnotts) $25.00 Great cause - happy to support
26/01/2012 Brian $100.00
Total Raised Online: NZD$2,000.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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My Goal: NZD $1,500.00
I've Raised: NZD $2,000.00
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