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EVENT: North Shore Relay for Life 2010
EVENT DATE: 27/02/2010

Please help us in the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER.

8000 New Zealanders die of cancer related diseases each year! We're determined and committed to reducing that statistic - but we need your help.

Please support us as we participate in Relay For Life. Relay For Life is a 24 hour team event that raises funds for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. We're part of a team that will walk/run around a track for 24 hours. As well as taking part our goal is to raise at least $1000 for our local Cancer Society.

We are making a financial and physical commitment to this event - and challenge you to match our commitment by sponsoring us. During February and March 2010 the Cancer Society is staging 16 Relay For Life events from Whangarei in the north to Invercargill in the south. We will be part of the Pupuke Rotaract Team relaying at Sovereign Stadium at the Millennium Institute, Mairangi Bay, Auckland.

Thanks for your support.

My Online Sponsors To Date
27/02/2010 Mum $40.00 I'm proud of you Oliver, Run well.
27/02/2010 Charlie Smith $25.00 Go Oliver well done but your going to wonder why you did it at some stage . Good luck.
26/02/2010 Tenille $25.00
26/02/2010 Liz McCormick $20.00 GO PIP!!! Make sure you carbo-load tonight... I'll get your caffiene on Monday morning.
26/02/2010 Philip $25.00
26/02/2010 Kay $50.00 Well done to the Rotaract club for the effort to help people in need!! Well done Liz!
26/02/2010 Spaceships Rentals $200.00 Great work Liz!
26/02/2010 Rachel K $20.00 Go Liz!! :)
26/02/2010 Rebecca Bartlett $20.00 Wahoo!... Go Liz!
24/02/2010 val & frank $25.00 Good on you Oliver.
23/02/2010 Matt Sumner $50.00 Run Wills Run! great cause
23/02/2010 Wellwisher $11.00
23/02/2010 Mark Modricker $20.00
19/02/2010 Amy $72.00 My first collections :-)
19/02/2010 wills mum $50.00 GO WILLY GO
18/02/2010 Liz $25.00
18/02/2010 Tanya Adams $20.00 Good work Pip! Hope it all goes well!
18/02/2010 Oliver $10.00 Go Pip!!!
16/02/2010 Sean Harris $20.00
16/02/2010 Megan Paki $15.00 Faster Faster!
13/02/2010 Rosie Dunphy $200.00 Great stuff Wills. Go for it!
09/02/2010 Geoff Pownall $100.00
08/02/2010 Katherine $10.00 Enjoy yourself above all else!
06/02/2010 Tim Burnet $25.00
05/02/2010 Matt Parkes $25.00 Good cause, have fun all. Hope there's at least twenty metres of moonwalking involved!
01/02/2010 Heather Wisdom $10.00 Good luck over there!
28/01/2010 Matthew Thorpe $25.00 Go girl!
27/01/2010 Jeannie $15.00 Good luck Kelly!
27/01/2010 Michelle Crockett $15.00
27/01/2010 Tom Butlin $10.00 Great effort
27/01/2010 Carly Wigley $15.00
09/12/2009 Uncle J and Aunty S $25.00
09/12/2009 Mum & Dad $100.00
07/12/2009 Jeannine Powell $15.00
07/12/2009 Phil Warin $10.00 Go Pippa! Great cause.
Total Raised Online: NZD$1,343.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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My Goal: NZD $1,000.00
I've Raised: NZD $1,343.00
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Cancer Society of New Zealand
Cancer Society of New Zealand
The Cancer Society of New Zealand is here to provide support to cancer patients and their families, to prevent the onset of cancer, and to carry out scientific research into cancer.
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North Shore Relay for Life 2010
North Shore Relay for Life 2010
Relay For Life is a 24 hour team event that raises funds for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. For more information see www.relayforlife.org.nz
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