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EVENT: The Flying Mullet
EVENT DATE: 03/11/2012

My country helped me achieve a goal - to be an Olympian cyclist. My trademark is my mullet. I want to give back to New Zealand by cutting my mullet to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation.

I've been asked more than a few times if I would cut my hair for really good causes and some have asked just because they felt that I'd be doing the world a favour having one less mullet around. But this time it was different.

I got home from the Olympics and actually had a break from cycling. During this time I realised how much support I had received from people throughout New Zealand. I went down to my local cycling club in Timaru and got talking to Mark and Tim Leonard.

Tim is 15 and has successfully recovered from a brain tumour. He really gets into life, his attitude is super positive and he tries hard on the bike. I respect him for that. Mark, Tim's dad, and the wider family are also hard out. Mark gets involved in cycling and supports everything that is going.

About the same time PowerNet were talking to me about riding for them again in the PowerNet Tour of Southland that's on the 28 October - 3 November 2012. They said that they'd support me if I cut my hair and gave me time to think about it. I agreed to cut off my mullet if I could support the Child Cancer Foundation. Tim and his family speak so highly of the support that they received from the Child Cancer Foundation during thier cancer journey and so it seemed the right thing to do.

I know how important it is to have the support to help you find the courage, faith and strength to win the fight. It takes teamwork and funding. Life on a bike can be really hard but nowhere near as hard as the cancer journey.

Please help me to raise money to support children and thier families who are on the cancer journey. If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

Thanks so much for your support!

My Online Sponsors To Date
06/12/2012 Envious Photography James Jubb $276.00 Chur Bro great cause, ya look great as a baldy.
08/11/2012 PowerNet Tour flying mullet spot prizes $450.00 PowerNet "donated" $50 to 9 Tour spot prize winners, the total of which is gited to the flying mullet appeal.
08/11/2012 Donations collected by PowerNet during the Tour $1,099.00 Donations collected by PowerNet staff at the end of each stage of the Tour
08/11/2012 PowerNet - staff raffle $200.00
07/11/2012 Allan Derrick $100.00
06/11/2012 Alaister - PowerNet $50.00 Good one Novie
06/11/2012 Mary-Anne Smith $30.00 Great Fundraising Effort Thanks for giving up such a grand trademark
05/11/2012 JK $30.00 Looks good mate
05/11/2012 Tony Corkill (Le Shark) $30.00 Good on you Novie! Respect.
05/11/2012 Shane & Kelly Ashley $20.00
04/11/2012 Tui $30.00 I'll support the removal of any mullet for such a good cause!
04/11/2012 The Connor Family $50.00 Good on you Shane
04/11/2012 Hemi & Anna $100.00 Massive fan of the mullet Novie so very sad to see it go.
03/11/2012 Gareth Morris $30.00 Shane, stoked you made it alone to our ENSOC ball with red back in September. Well done with the fundraising mate!
03/11/2012 Jaime Nielsen $20.00
03/11/2012 Quinn Karwowski $30.00 Well done Shane!
03/11/2012 Murray & Annette Gate $20.00 Sorry to see it go Novie - yeah right
03/11/2012 Jason McKenzie $30.00 Nice work Novie
03/11/2012 ollies mum and dad $100.00
03/11/2012 Juana $20.00 :)
03/11/2012 Emma, Brad and Ella $100.00 Great cause novie - looking forward to seeing you bald.. lol
03/11/2012 Kaye family $50.00 Great effort.
03/11/2012 Kathryn Phillips $30.00 Good on you Novie! Wonderful idea.
03/11/2012 The Kennetts $40.00 Good on ya. Totally worthy cause.
03/11/2012 O'Leah $30.00 Awesome cause! Inspirational.
03/11/2012 Admiral Court Motor Lodge $50.00 You are the best - well done
03/11/2012 Luke $10.00 Good Work
03/11/2012 Webster family $50.00 Good job Novie
03/11/2012 Kings Electrical Services - Christchurch $250.00 Well done Shane .. a very worthy cause - from Jase Allen and the team @ Kings Electrical
03/11/2012 Ham , Brenda and Jamie $30.00
03/11/2012 Grant & Ange Wengler $300.00 Awesome effort Shane
03/11/2012 Bart and Emma $120.00 Hope you have plenty of sunblock for the back of your pumpkin head! xxx
03/11/2012 Tour Mechanics Grandma $250.00
03/11/2012 Hooper Family $30.00 Excellent! well done :)
03/11/2012 SvB $150.00 About time!
03/11/2012 Scott $100.00
03/11/2012 B Earnshaw $150.00 Great cause
03/11/2012 Elijah May $40.00 Legend!
02/11/2012 Olliesandro Harnett $113.74 I'll throw in a choccie milk if you make it to $10,000. Can we have a piece of the mullet to go up next to koonwatch?
02/11/2012 Liz $20.00 Great cause, good on you.
02/11/2012 Wendy $100.00 How will I recognize you?..aw yeah the hairy legs :)
02/11/2012 Simon $10.00
02/11/2012 Matt Fox $20.00
02/11/2012 Tony Fowler $30.00 How will we recognise you!
02/11/2012 Number 1 Driver / Kitchen Bitch $110.00 Even though you only got 8 I`m prepared to pay out for the 11 for a good cause.
02/11/2012 Sofia B $80.00 Good on ya mate
02/11/2012 Elena Hill $20.00 Good work
02/11/2012 Gerard $50.00
02/11/2012 Brian Windham grant $30.00 I hope the mullet helps cure.
02/11/2012 Mel and Greg Harrison $30.00 Great idea to raise funds for a great cause! Well done Shane.
02/11/2012 Ryan $50.00 good on you novie! i cant wait to see you bald!
02/11/2012 Hamish & Marisa Carter $30.00 Great cause!
02/11/2012 SCUD $100.00
02/11/2012 Doug Fraser $100.00 Keep Flying
02/11/2012 Leila $20.00 Good luck Novie
02/11/2012 NIGEL LEARY $30.00
02/11/2012 BB,BA,GT,FAT,GKBT,GR $50.00 GROUSE
02/11/2012 Jemma Tutty $50.00
02/11/2012 Cassie Cameron $30.00 Respect.
02/11/2012 Sharyn & Murray Cague $10.00 All the very best Shane...awesome effort young lad...so proud of you
02/11/2012 Sanco $110.20 Shave it off, show everyone how big your melon is. From your Mexican roomie. A million, a hundred, ten and twenty
02/11/2012 Paige Paterson $50.00 Great to see all the support for the mullet going
02/11/2012 GJMT $100.00 Well done supporting Child Cancer
02/11/2012 JB $50.00
02/11/2012 Santhosh Velusamy $15.00 Good Job...
02/11/2012 Brian $20.00
02/11/2012 O'Connell Family $10.00
01/11/2012 McCoy Family $30.00 Way to go Shane. With less hair you will go even faster!
01/11/2012 Leo Leonard $100.00 Top Bloke Shane, Great cause
01/11/2012 Hopper $40.00 great idea, great effort, all the best
31/10/2012 Corys Electrical $1,000.00 Great work Shane!
31/10/2012 The Mexican's Mama $50.00 you'll have even more hot chicks chasing you now Shano
31/10/2012 Granny!!! $10.00 I will miss your mullet as I won't be able to pick who you are on the track, but great cause Willy!!
31/10/2012 Richard Green in Christchurch $20.00 Well done Shane. Great cause!
31/10/2012 Nicole Mason $20.00 Keep up the good work Shane!
31/10/2012 Zac Prendergast $20.00 Good on ya novie
31/10/2012 Michael Vink $30.00 Good on ya, Shane!
31/10/2012 Rob Reid $220.00 Win a stage, or at least do a very long solo! Good boy.
31/10/2012 Steve n Jacques $150.00 It,ll grow back like a weed Novie!!! If u grow it back i,ll redo my Dreads!!! lol Good on U!!!
30/10/2012 Kirsty & Mark Walker $100.00 Nice effort Novie, guess we can take the spare hair ties for you out of the med kit now :,)
30/10/2012 Presbury Family $100.00 A great cause, well done Shane
30/10/2012 Nicole Begg $20.00
30/10/2012 Malc Henham & Steph Taylor $30.00 have fun for the rest of the tour and make the most of that flying mullet while you can!!!
30/10/2012 Kevin $100.00 well done great cause liked the bike up bluff hill
30/10/2012 Bryan Prestidge $50.00 Good on you Shane
30/10/2012 Carpenter Family $100.00 Fantastic cause for an awesome charity
30/10/2012 Craig Thomson $40.00 Your a Grouse bloke Novie. Nice work.
30/10/2012 Margaret $30.00
30/10/2012 Tania Cribb $30.00 Fantastic effort for a great cause.
30/10/2012 Yvette & Scott Hodges $10.00 Good on you & good luck with the Tour
29/10/2012 Dave G $30.00 8 out of 10 TV3 viewers say "About time too" :-P
29/10/2012 McCormick Family $40.00 Well done Shane
29/10/2012 Simon F $100.00
29/10/2012 McIntyre Dick & Partners Limited $53.90 Well Done Shane. Fantastic Cause.
28/10/2012 Chris Tennent-Brown $100.00 www.mulletjunky.com needs a photo
28/10/2012 Princess & Tana $100.00 Good on ya novie.
28/10/2012 Maria and David Earl $30.00 Great cause, good on you Shane.
27/10/2012 Corey Grace $30.00
27/10/2012 Sue Mckane $20.00
27/10/2012 Mario and Gemma $50.00 Go Novie!
26/10/2012 Lesley $100.00 This is a great personal sacrifice for an excellent cause. Good on you.
26/10/2012 Ross and Mel Sorenson $50.00 Awesome cause, go Shane
26/10/2012 Jason and Tami Rico $200.00 Hate to see it go, Novie. But, can't think of a better reason to do it. Well done!
26/10/2012 Crombie and Price $30.00
26/10/2012 Debz McKenzie $30.00 Great stuff!!!!
26/10/2012 S.McKenzie $30.00 Yeah Novie!
26/10/2012 Cathy $30.00
26/10/2012 Clode Family $30.00
26/10/2012 David Smith $50.00 Best of luck Shane
26/10/2012 Heidi Bulling $30.00 Great work Novie. Very inspirational! Sad to see it go but what a great cause.
24/10/2012 Tim $20.00 Awesome to see the Olympians giving back to the community. Choice!
24/10/2012 Dawkins $50.00
24/10/2012 Ellis Family $50.00 Great cause Shane well done
24/10/2012 BikeRIGHT $100.00 Great cause, lets support this all you bike shops out there
24/10/2012 Ali Shanks $100.00 Inspirational Novie, a very worthy cause to lose the mullet for. No more hair-ties & straightners!! Ali & Palms
24/10/2012 Trevor Shailer $100.00 Too much brother...great bloke and a great cause!!
24/10/2012 Big Dawk $30.00 Novie your an inspiration
24/10/2012 Matt $100.00 Great work Shane!
24/10/2012 john williams $50.00
24/10/2012 Andrew Bartlett $20.00 Good work Shane!
24/10/2012 Cameron Karwowski $30.00 Rip into it bro. Good work
23/10/2012 Mum And Dad $100.00 Great cause Shane, good on you. Hope you reach your target...
23/10/2012 Re, Bec, Luce & Lily $100.00 Wish we could be there when it comes off ;)
23/10/2012 Ray and Pat Johns $100.00 Well done Shane
23/10/2012 Varnia & Keegan $30.00 Awesome awesome awesome!
22/10/2012 Wayne Lilley $200.00 Nice to see the mullet go.
20/10/2012 S&L $100.00 Well done Shane. Catch you soon.
20/10/2012 Brett and Carmel $10.00 Will they make a wig out of it?
19/10/2012 tim $30.00
19/10/2012 Bic! $30.00 Great cause that I am more than happy to donate to! At least you won't have to find hair ties anymore haha
19/10/2012 The Best Family $10.00
19/10/2012 Tom $10.00 Nice work Shane, Great cause
19/10/2012 Archbolds in Auckland $50.00 Great cause....well done Shane
19/10/2012 Wagon $30.00 good job novie
19/10/2012 Marty & Marise $30.00 It's a very worthy cause which we are happy to help out with
19/10/2012 Martin Gray $10.00
18/10/2012 Michael Hepburn $50.00 Good on you mate!
18/10/2012 Chris O'Driscoll $50.00 Good on ya Shane
18/10/2012 Michele and John $100.00 Great fundraising idea Shane
18/10/2012 charlotte m $20.00 Couldn't think of a better way to salute the mullet!
18/10/2012 a edmondston $30.00 Good on you shane!
18/10/2012 Lizzie and Corey $100.00 Good on ya Novie! Great cause! Plus glad to see the thing come off!!
18/10/2012 Lozz $20.00 Right up the Guts
18/10/2012 Hamish Bond $20.00 Nice work Shane. We are ambassadors for the Child Cancer Foundation so much appreciated.
18/10/2012 Lauren :) $30.00 Awesome Shane, def willing to donate money to see that thing go, and a great cause!
18/10/2012 Olivia $30.00 Awesome job!
18/10/2012 Darren & Linda $10.00
18/10/2012 Nerd $20.00 Good on ya mate!
18/10/2012 Janine Arch $30.00 Good cause
17/10/2012 Mark and Nyki $50.00 Really awesome thing you are doing Shane
17/10/2012 Angela Tutty $50.00
17/10/2012 Nick and Liana $30.00 Good stuff mate! Sad to see the mullet go. But going to a good cause
17/10/2012 Pips mum $30.00 Long time coming Shane. Good on you.
17/10/2012 colin $30.00 good work Shane
17/10/2012 Rhys $10.00 Good on you Shane.
17/10/2012 Ryan $30.00
17/10/2012 Hannah & Cullen $30.00 Good job Shane, great cause.
17/10/2012 Caroline and Kirky $200.00 A great cause Shane, hope you make your target.
17/10/2012 Kerri-Anne $20.00 Awesome job Shane! What a good idea - can't imagine you without your mullet it's been a while!!
17/10/2012 Brittany $20.00 Will be very happy to see it go, but awesome cause xo
17/10/2012 Jess $15.00 The big chop ay, heck....greatest cause though!
16/10/2012 Sally $30.00 You rock Shane for cutting off your prized mullet and giving back to such a worthy cause
Total Raised Online: NZD$11,912.84
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
GRAND TOTAL: NZD$11,912.84
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My Goal: NZD $10,000.00
I've Raised: NZD $11,912.84
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