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Running 100km 4 those with Rare Diseases

PAGE CREATOR: Stacey Smith
EVENT: Tarawera Ultramarathon 2013
EVENT DATE: 16/03/2013


On March 16th I will be running the 100km Tarawera Ultramarathon. I'll do all the hard work- train for and complete this event, and along the journey want to raise awareness and fundraise for my chosen charity.

I have chosen to fundraise for the New Zealand Institute for Rare Disease Research.

These guys exist to promote opportunities for research into rare diseases and seeks to accelerate knowledge that will lead to prevention, treatment and cure. they help people with rare diseases in NZ and support their families also.

I have had a rare auto-immune disease since 2005 but because of the hard work and research by people like these guys, I am now living a healthy, stable and manageable life!

I'm out to prove that there are no boundaries and to remind people that you set your own limits, do not let a disease/illness/injury distinguish who you are and what you will achieve.

To follow my training progress check out my blog at www.staceysmith.co.nz

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So please donate- big or small, to an amazing cause.

Many thanks for your support,

My Online Sponsors To Date
17/03/2013 Grandad and Nana Hy $20.00 Well done Stacey. We are very proud of you xx
15/03/2013 Robyn and Greg Barfoot $50.00 Good luck Stace, we are so proud of you. You're going to nail it!
15/03/2013 JP $25.00 How do you eat an Elephant?
15/03/2013 Penny Mac $15.00 Good on you Stacy, smash it xx
15/03/2013 Ants Burt $50.00 Go hard geek
15/03/2013 Richard $50.00
15/03/2013 King whanau Huntly $30.00 Your amazing Stacey, we are all thinking of you
Love the king clan
15/03/2013 Dion McAsey $50.00 Good luck Stacey!!!
13/03/2013 Anita Simpson $25.00 You're the mantis girl!
13/03/2013 Jared, Tarns, Noah & Millen $30.00 You're an inspiration, you go girl.
13/03/2013 Sandspit fishing charters $100.00 Phew makes me sick thinking about it!!! Go for Gold your a champ!
11/03/2013 Louise Simpson $30.00 Good luck girl! Dan & I are so proud of you and in total awe of what you are about to do!! xo
11/03/2013 Julzie $25.00 Go you little beauty x
10/03/2013 Pauline and Gary $25.00
10/03/2013 Rosie and Gav $50.00 Good luck Stacey
09/03/2013 Ali John $25.00 Well done with the training Stace, good luck (not that you need it) on race day.
Big man :-)
07/03/2013 Norm $25.00 Go Stace!!!
04/03/2013 Moses Harding $50.00 Kane it Stace you are a friken legend!
01/03/2013 Kristin Percy $40.00 I'm so impressed with your incredible stamina and positivity Stacey and your choice of charity. This donation is for my nephew Oliver who has Fabry's syndrome, one of those Rare Diseases.
21/02/2013 Mariah $25.00
21/02/2013 Remuera New World $100.00 Good luck, Stacey
20/02/2013 Katie Glynn $45.00 Legend!
18/02/2013 The Christini Family $100.00 Have fun Stace
18/02/2013 Moth $50.00 Go well Stace. Hope to be able to support you on the day with Dave on tow. Love you lots Moth/Mum xx
10/02/2013 Standing Room Only NZ $25.00 Stace - you are a wonderful kind of crazy. Love your work.
09/02/2013 Jane, Mike & Lachie $30.00 All the best Stace.
09/02/2013 Lisa & Jon Kelly $200.00 Your amazing !! Good luck Hun xxx
09/02/2013 Mel ray $25.00 Go sexy smith! Your' ll do great.
09/02/2013 Buck n Lucy $50.00 U rock stace, Pushing the limits for a great cause!
07/02/2013 Sarah McAlpine $25.00 Go Stac! xx
05/02/2013 Phillippa F $25.00 You go cuz!!!
05/02/2013 Peter and Katie $50.00
05/02/2013 Aimee Whitaker $25.00 Good luck not that you'll need it superwoman!!! All the best and such a great cause!! x
04/02/2013 Daddy $100.00 Go Hard Little girl
04/02/2013 Blair + Aimee $50.00 Love u stace, good luck... Blair and Aims
01/02/2013 Chloe $40.00 You go my hero!
31/01/2013 Sandy $25.00 Great cause, I'm sure you will rock it girl, enjoy!
31/01/2013 Kristin $25.00 Nice work Stace :)
31/01/2013 Matt, T, Bella and Nate $30.00 Stace, it is just one step after another. You are an inspiration...go hard and hopefully this wears you out for Padlleboarding!!!
29/01/2013 Jen $25.00 Go Hard Stace, will be thinking of you xx
Total Raised Online: NZD$1,785.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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I've Raised: NZD $1,785.00
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New Zealand Institute for Rare Disease Research
New Zealand Institute for Rare Disease Research
The New Zealand Institute for Rare Disease Research Ltd exists to promote opportunities for research into rare diseases and seeks to accelerate knowledge that will lead to prevention, treatment and cure. For more information see www.nzirdr.org.nz
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Tarawera Ultramarathon 2013
Tarawera Ultramarathon 2013
The 5th Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon is on 16 March, 2013. An adventure, an endurance event, a 100km-long scenic buffet. The Vibram Tarawera Ultra is a 100, 85 or 60km trail ultra. distance run from Rotorua to Kawerau, New Zealand. For more information see
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