Welcome to Lucy Lawless' Feel the Love 2011

Lucy Lawless' Feel the Love 2011

A natural beauty.

A natural beauty.

Lucy enjoying a day at the Auckland races.

Lucy enjoying a day at the Auckland races.

PAGE CREATOR: Starship Foundation
EVENT: Lucy Lawless' Feel the Love 2011
EVENT DATE: 21/09/2011

Thank you for visiting Lucy Lawless' Feel the Love Day fundraising page for the Starship Foundation.

The day kicks off a week of charitable acts and donations by fans in honour and support of Lucy. Fans from all over the world make a pledge to do something charitable during the week ranging from helping out an elderly neighbour, volunteering their time, random acts of kindness, or making a donation to charity.

Lucy will be presented with a single red rose and the list of all of those who have donated to Starship in her honour once all the pledges have been received.

This annual event is now in its sixth year.

Please could you consider making a donation to one of Lucy's favourite charities-Starship Children's Hospital, in Auckland, New Zealand?

Each year Starship cares for close to 150,000 children from all over New Zealand. Many of the children who come to Starship are critically ill or injured and require specialist paediatric treatment and care. Many of these children spend weeks, months, and in some cases years in the hospital.

Your donations, made in honour of Lucy, will help ensure that Starship remains a world class medical facility that offers the best health outcomes for children, and their families.

Select the 'Make a donation' button below. It's simple, fast and totally secure.

If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

Many thanks for your love and support of Lucy and Starship.

My Online Sponsors To Date
11/10/2011 Tami $31.91 In honor of Lucy Lawless and all the work she has done for children. Battle On!
04/10/2011 Cindy Edmonds $65.70 In honor of Lucy Lawless' Feel the Love Day, I would like to make a donation to Starship Hospital for the children.
03/10/2011 Dani $30.00 For "Feel the love day" a beautiful cause. Lucy...you are my hero, and have been for 15 years. Much love from Canada.
02/10/2011 Rita H. $74.72 In honor Of "LUCY LAWLESS" for feel the love day, Thank you LUCY for all that you do, you are a very special and amazing lady!!! You are a inspiration to me!!! Love Rita
01/10/2011 Angela Merry Pavlica and Terry Lee Morton $131.00 In Honor of Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day, I am making this donation.
01/10/2011 elaine cross $50.00 for the "feel the love day". children are our future. we must help and protect them anyway we can.
30/09/2011 cissie fan from st louis $10.00 All I can do is a small donation and lots and lots of prayers. Lucy does so much for others, this is the lest I can do..I love Lucy and really miss Xena..I wish we could be real friends!
28/09/2011 Renee C. $25.00 For Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day 2011. Hello from San Diego :)
27/09/2011 Manz $100.00 You have become a warrior of many hats. In a strange nurturing way, i am so very proud of you! Keep inspiring and they will come. ;)
27/09/2011 mslez $130.00 In honor of Lucy who is a wonderful role model, whether she wants to be or not. :-)
26/09/2011 Jan $20.00 Thank you Lucy for all that you are and all that you do to add love to this world
22/09/2011 Jessica $62.73 Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the children of the world!!!
22/09/2011 Velda Bray $50.00 In honour of Lucy Lawless, for feel the love week. Thank you Lucy for your inspiration.
22/09/2011 Jane Morris $50.00 In honour of Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Week, long may you continue to shine the light
18/09/2011 Veronica $30.00
17/09/2011 Sylroos $100.00 Because of Lucy Lawless and your team.
16/09/2011 Valerie Lentz $122.00
16/09/2011 Tereze $10.00 Icant give much because i dont have much, but i can give something, for children.
12/09/2011 Berenice Farfan $20.00 In honor of Lucy Lawless Feel the Love Day 2011, with love from Mexico
12/09/2011 Marion S. $30.00 Donation in honor of Lucy Lawless for "Feel the Love Day". Thanks to Lucy for her inspiration.
11/09/2011 Lucy Piper $125.00 In honor of Lucy Lawless and the Greater Good
08/09/2011 Grahame Snider $10.00 In honor of Lucy Lawless and The Greater Good! Thanks for teaching me the most important life lesson!
08/09/2011 Petro $50.00 May you go from strength to strength!
07/09/2011 Heather Spurlin $61.00 Thank You for your kindness, generosity, and inspiration. :)
06/09/2011 Julie H. $25.00 One world, one community... Semper Fi!
06/09/2011 MaryD $100.00 Many thanks to Lucy Lawless and to Starship! A great team.
Total Raised Online: NZD$1,514.06
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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Starship Foundation
The Starship Foundation raises funds so that New Zealand’s children can have access to the best possible medical care. Each year Starship Children’s Hospital cares for close to 120,000 children from around the country. As a charitable organisation, Starship Foundation exists through the ... 
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