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Run NZ for Child Cancer, Victoria Taylor

Running in Memory of Chace Topperwien

Running in Memory of Chace Topperwien

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PAGE CREATOR: Victoria Taylor
EVENT: Running the length of New Zealand
EVENT DATE: 01/09/2012

Hey everyone! :)

As you now know i started running from Cape Reinga to Bluff on September 1st 2012 hoping to raise as much Awareness as i could for Child Cancer and money, I finished up on October 4th 2012 Completing this within 34 days i was doing this run to help make a difference in these kids lives and in memory of Chace finishing though in that ammount of time held me as the new female record holder, i was the youngest to ever complete this, i was also the first to run on a treadmill across from Wellington to Picton and the first to run part of stuart island in part of this amazing journey! Everyones help and support is very much appreciated thanks to all my sponsors, everyone who supported me , helped raise awareness and money along the way it is much appreciated :)

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

I did all the hard work; trained for it and completed this event, but I really need your help to make a difference to my charity.

What I need you to do:
Is help me raise money and donate by:

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If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

So please donate now!

Many thanks for your support

You can walk into any ANZ branch and say they want to donate to Victoria NZ Run and all donations are going towards the cause also if you wan't to donate straight into the account the account number is 01 0530 0384160 00 every little bit helps :) xxxx

Or you can text "bead" to 206 to make a $3 donation

Thankyou very much for your support.

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My Online Sponsors To Date
01/11/2012 Evelien $15.90
27/10/2012 ash $30.00 well done Victoria
as an amateur runner myself i am inspired by your mammoth effort

i actually happened to be driving on gordonton road with wife in car as u ran in towards hamilton

i felt like jumping out car and start running with you for short distance, dont know why i hesitated

neverythless lost opportunity

congratulations and best of luck for future
16/10/2012 John & Margaret Munro $500.00 It is our pleasure to place this money in thanks to Gary Nicholsen who purchased the Burt Munro book!
13/10/2012 Hugh Frostick $120.00 I saw the report in the Hutt News - totally inspiring. Well done, quite amazing!
12/10/2012 Manu King $20.00 Well done congrats
10/10/2012 Anon $30.00 My goal to run a marathon now seems so small... Great effort Victoria, and all the best for your future!
10/10/2012 Centuri and Wendy $45.00 Amazing Effort - you are a STAR!
10/10/2012 Emerson Pratt $21.00 A true inspiration (I'll never complain about my training run again).
Some older people complain bout 'the youth of today' , well... I point to you and say to them... 'yes... take a look at the wonderful youth of today'.
Congratulations on you amazing achievement
09/10/2012 Sara & Jon $30.00 Congratulations! In honour of all those, young and old, who are fighting this terrible disease. I am inspired by their strength, and yours.
09/10/2012 Beryl Nu'u $100.00 Truly Inspired and Amazed at your Endurance & Commitment. You are a Game Changer Victoria. Well Done! Training Tracks Ltd, Lake Rotoma
09/10/2012 Mairi & Muz $100.00 You are amazing! Well done!
09/10/2012 Bev $20.00
08/10/2012 Vicki, Shannon, Sacha & Brooke Chambers $100.00 Congratulations Victoria, you were always going to achieve your result and was an honor to run with you through South Auckland, massive effort!!
08/10/2012 Francis Family $200.00 Heard about this amazing achievment on the radio this morning!!Well done!!!
08/10/2012 Bron $50.00 What an amazing and inspiring achievement - well done!
08/10/2012 Angela of Inner Health $50.00 That was a legendary run!!!
08/10/2012 Julie $20.00 You are such an inspiration!
07/10/2012 Andreas Toth $500.00 Congratulations, Victoria, on running the length of New Zealand! What a feat! You're a true champion and an inspiration to everyone that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Go girl!!!

07/10/2012 Love from Violet Joynes and Anne Elm $20.00 Your generosity has paved the road to good kharma for the rest of your life!
07/10/2012 T.Chadwick $30.00 You totally ROCK!
06/10/2012 Anita $20.00 an inspirational journey
06/10/2012 MaryMc $5.00 Well done!!!
06/10/2012 strang family palmy north $20.00 i lost my dad to cancer and some close running friends plus a sister in law and my nephew has it ,it affects us all in some way so i am glad to give what little i can to go with all the other donations and together the fund will grow thanks victoria for your brave run and kindness inspiring
06/10/2012 Marshall Family $5.00 Well done on your awesome run.
06/10/2012 Anon $1,500.00
06/10/2012 Christoper $50.00
05/10/2012 Lotty Turnidge $30.00 Amazing and inspirational.
05/10/2012 Pam $30.00 Mighty run Victoria. Well done!
05/10/2012 Craig Kenny $10.00 Well done Vic, awesome effort and great fundraising
05/10/2012 Shelley-Rose Taylor $100.00 Congratulations on a truly amazing effort Victoria! You are a real inspiration to all that have had the opportunity to follow you run. You made us proud to be a kiwi!
05/10/2012 Geoff and Jane Evans $50.00 What an amazing run! Well done. You're an inspiration to us all.
05/10/2012 Emma Phelps $20.00 "You have accomplished something not many people could ever d, running the lenght of NZ.Congratulations even better raising money for Child Cancer.You are AWESOME.
05/10/2012 Barbara $30.00 You are such a great role model to the people of New Zealand.
I'm sure we haven't heard the last of you!
Well done on achieving this impressive goal.
05/10/2012 Nick $5.00 Well Done Victoria, very inspirational!
05/10/2012 Andrew Catanach $15.00 Brilliant effort, inspiring!
05/10/2012 Anon $10.00
05/10/2012 Craig $70.00 Congratulations! Amazing spirit!
05/10/2012 Simply Amazed $10.00 Well done. Enjoy the pats on the back, you have earned then all.
05/10/2012 Hamish $50.00 I've been following your progress with great interest and could tell very early on that you would not falter. Well done on achieving what you set out to do and well done to all your supporters along the way.
05/10/2012 Angie Wall $50.00 Awesome stuff Victoria!You inspire me :)
05/10/2012 Jeremy Keane $30.00 You've come along way from HVHS and 13 Sport! Great work Tori. What an effort!
05/10/2012 Barkers $50.00
05/10/2012 Aimee Ferguson $20.00 What great stamina you have, congrats on finishing.
05/10/2012 Jessv $20.00 Amazing Victoria! You are a credit to our generation, all the best at the Commonwealth games and your future endeavors.
05/10/2012 Jeanne $20.00 Thank you, Victoria!
05/10/2012 Alastair $34.00
05/10/2012 Alex Whimster $60.00 Well done Victoria and support team so far. It's a real achievement. Please accept this small donation to the Child Cancer Foundation. Alex Whimster , Tauranga Ramblers
05/10/2012 Marceu $20.00 Great cause. Awesome challenge! :)
05/10/2012 Hay Morris $40.00 So impressed by your amazing effort, you are one special 18 year old. x
05/10/2012 T $30.00 You are amazing! Thank you so much for embarking on this journey and raising all this money! You are a legend, and I wish you well and will look out for you at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Kia Kaha!! <3
05/10/2012 TF $10.00
Wish I could give more!
What an absolutely amazing effort, after this I'm sure you can achive whatever you set your mind to.
Thank you for being so inspiring. Best of luck with your 2014 Games efforts.
05/10/2012 Mark and Kirsty $50.00 Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you do next..
05/10/2012 Nick $30.00
05/10/2012 Aniela Tkacz $30.00 What a fantastic achievement congratulations :)
05/10/2012 Matty P $30.00 Congratulations - most impressive!
05/10/2012 Liz $300.00
05/10/2012 Philip L $20.00 I'm curious as to what your next challenge might be.
05/10/2012 Hanna B $30.00 Amazing work for an amazing cause!
05/10/2012 Roseanna $100.00 Well done! You are an inspiration!!
05/10/2012 Greg Cole $200.00
05/10/2012 Anon $5.00 Great job Victoria!
05/10/2012 Niki and Ronette $100.00
05/10/2012 alana mcgettigan $20.00 Inspiring - well done.
05/10/2012 Andy Macdonald $30.00 Legend, absolutely awesome effort for a great cause!!
05/10/2012 Joshua Hayward $20.00 Awesome effort!
05/10/2012 Pam $20.00 Amazing achievement! Well done.
05/10/2012 Rebecca $50.00 Well done!!
05/10/2012 Kathy Richardson $20.00 Well done Victoria. Top chick!!!
05/10/2012 Sam Rees $5.00
05/10/2012 Andrew MacDonald $100.00 Congratulations on the run and for raising money and awareness of child cancer.
05/10/2012 Ian $30.00 Well done, very inspirational
05/10/2012 Murray Lander $50.00
05/10/2012 Scott R $30.00
05/10/2012 e-Spatial $120.00 Well done Victori-Star. It was great to run with you and listen to your story. Fantastic effort to raise awareness. Incredible is the best way to describe what you have done.
05/10/2012 Melissa $20.00 'And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you'll move mountains.'
? Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!
SO IMPRESSED! What a role model you are, good on ya honey.
05/10/2012 NC $30.00 I admire your achievement and the cause you are supporting.
05/10/2012 Matt $30.00 Well done Victoria. You nailed it. Good luck with your next challenge.
05/10/2012 Lynne Plimmer $100.00 Congratulations Victoria, you are amazing!!
05/10/2012 Trevor $100.00 A wonderful beautiful achievement
05/10/2012 Helen $30.00 Absolutely inspiring! You've shown incredible determination!
05/10/2012 Ryan $30.00
05/10/2012 Mike & Anna Higgins $50.00 Outstanding achievement for a great cause, an inspiration, Well Done.
05/10/2012 Janet McKendrey $100.00 Fantastic effort, you're an inspiration to many.
05/10/2012 Taryn $20.00
05/10/2012 Mark & Sandrine Smith $30.00 Congratulations Victoria. I followed your journey every day. It was amazing. I wish you all the best for your future and a ticket for the Commonwealth Games.
05/10/2012 John & Anna $50.00 Outstanding Victoria - we admire your achievement and dedication. Truely inspirational.
05/10/2012 Hanna $15.00 Good luck :)
05/10/2012 Will Buchanan $30.00
05/10/2012 Jill $50.00 Amazing effort from a runner so young. Now you are getting media coverage you so deserve. I hope everyone gets behind you to support Child Cancer. jIll
05/10/2012 Kate Brewer $15.00 Amazing achievement to run the length of the country! It's inspiring that you have done this for your charity.
05/10/2012 Nora $100.00 Awesome achievement Victoria!
05/10/2012 Stevo $40.00 Amazing effor Victoria. You have a big heart in more ways than one ;-).
If you smashed the record at 19 imagine what you will do in a few years Rio Olympics?
05/10/2012 The Robinsons $10.00 Well done Victoria. Great to see young people doing things for others ..
05/10/2012 Leilani $10.00
05/10/2012 Matthew Ian McLaren $50.00
05/10/2012 Stephen & Erica $259.99
05/10/2012 Sarah $30.00 Amazing effort Victoria, what an inspiration
05/10/2012 Mark & Kate $50.00 Congratulations, great effort!
05/10/2012 ahikiwi $30.00 Congrats Victoria what you have achieved is awesome. You are an inspiration to many :-)
05/10/2012 Karin $50.00 Thank you for running in memory of Chace and for Child Cancer Awareness. a truly magnificent achievement:)
05/10/2012 Suzie Harris $10.00
05/10/2012 Darsh $10.00 Victoria, you are truly an inspiration and this is such a great achievement. I only actually heard about your run this morning on the radio, and I am very sad not to have heard about your run earlier, I would have most definitely been a support runner! Well done, you have raised so much awareness. Congratulations, you are a real inspiration!
05/10/2012 Steve Richards $10.00
05/10/2012 Allnutt family $30.00 Congratulations Victoria on your fantastic achievement, what an inspiration you are! Delighted that we met you!!!
05/10/2012 Kim OLeary $100.00 You are simply amazing what a fantastic achievement you are a legend!!
04/10/2012 Bruce $100.00
04/10/2012 Josh DB $30.01 solid as effort! Your perseverance and motivation is outstanding!
04/10/2012 Anon $50.00
04/10/2012 CrazyCrochet Ange $10.00 amazing watching you everyday- and the progress you have made- - you are awesome vic xx
04/10/2012 Karen $15.00 well done!! :-)
04/10/2012 tray $25.00 have followed you from the start, your such an inspriation <3 <3 NEGU i know chace and tiva and all the oher angels wil be so prod of you
04/10/2012 GB $30.00
04/10/2012 Scarlett Mikoz. aged 8 months $10.00 Thank you for caring about us little ones.
03/10/2012 Eileen and Warren $30.00 What a great, brave, inspiring thing to do. May it bring you good luck for the rest of your life.
03/10/2012 Philippa O'Neill $40.00
03/10/2012 Stephen & Erica $15.10 the 90c was driving me crazy
02/10/2012 Great Uncle & Cousin $50.00 Great effort. You have done really well.
02/10/2012 Sez & Stu $50.00 Congratulations on an AMAZING effort!
02/10/2012 Hayley $20.00 Saw Victoria at Riverstone Kitchen on route to Oamaru! What an inspiration!!
02/10/2012 Nadia $20.00 Keep up the fantastic work Victoria.
01/10/2012 Mike Burford $100.00 Saw you on Facebook, great effort, well done!
01/10/2012 V.I.C Garage $30.00 Go Victoria
01/10/2012 Trish and Paul $50.00 We have always known you as a strong determined person. This has been shown these past 30 days well done be proud of yourself.
01/10/2012 Kylie Richardson $100.00
01/10/2012 anom $50.00
30/09/2012 Mon $100.00
30/09/2012 Lisa & Stephen Carter $50.00 Victoria, it was awesome being with you today, your awesome, wish were were with you for the rest of your run. Go girl, your determination and endurance will get you through
30/09/2012 Stephen & Erica $200.00
29/09/2012 John Beavan $100.00
29/09/2012 Margaret & John Munro $30.00 Great effort from Victoria to raise money for this cause and we are fully behind her!
28/09/2012 Jo B $50.00 Good luck for the remainder of your epic journey.
28/09/2012 Suzy Downey $30.00 Go Victoria. The team at WAVE design in Tauranga have been keeping an eye on your updates daily on Facebook. ALSOME EFFORT. Only a few more days to go, and you can have a well earned rest. :-)
28/09/2012 Trompetter Family $100.00 V for vivacious I for Inspirational C for cute T for tough O for awesome R for running I for intense A for amazing!!
28/09/2012 RachB $20.00 You go girl! Fantastic effort - how do you make it look so easy?!
28/09/2012 dion taylor $30.00 your doing great victoria not to much further now from toni grace jake and dion
28/09/2012 Lorraine Johns $30.00 You're inspiring - well done, what an effort!
27/09/2012 Sim $30.00 Your awesome, sorry I could not give more! Have a wee son and now we exist on one income! I have had a good friend die of cancer so know it sucks. Keep trucking.
27/09/2012 Carlos $30.00 Inspirational. :)
27/09/2012 Debbie $30.00 Inspirational!
27/09/2012 Jenny & Jason $30.00 Great effort, so inspirational!
27/09/2012 Silke Schlichtmann $30.00 You are incredible and an inspiration for many! Big things ahead for you no doubt
27/09/2012 Andrew & Anne-Marie McRae $50.00 You are truly inspirational and doing this for such a great cause.
27/09/2012 Anon $50.00 Amazing effort!
26/09/2012 Kate & Josh $100.00 Go Victoria, Go!
26/09/2012 Julia and Paul. $100.00 What an amazing feat of stamina, endurance, and dedication to your cause.
26/09/2012 Jo & Rik Moore $30.00 Way to go... Well done you. Truly inspiring
26/09/2012 Blaire McAllister $20.00 Good on you Victoria you are so inspirational!
26/09/2012 Deejay Apihai & Lee Steer $10.00 What stamina and such an amazing thing to do, wish you all the best in your journey
26/09/2012 maisonne baty $30.00 awsome
26/09/2012 Ian Mackenzie $30.00 You are a gift to others and have put a lot of effort into this.
26/09/2012 Jay-Jay and Dom $100.00 You're an absolute inspiration Victoria. What you are doing is brave and self-less. Congratulations. Good luck reaching your goal
25/09/2012 Russ $10.00 Great cause
25/09/2012 Chris Speakman $50.00 Go Victoria hope a few more support you financially!!!
25/09/2012 Michelle Evens $5.00 What you're doing is amazing! :) Keep up the great work!! X
24/09/2012 Fiona Stechmann $50.00 awesome job, you are doing an amazing thing!
24/09/2012 A and N Lacey $30.00 You are doing an amazing job.
24/09/2012 Pete $30.00
23/09/2012 Peter and Corrie Bargh $200.00 You are an inspiration GO Girl
23/09/2012 Harri Tricker and Tim van der Werff $100.00 In memory of our daughter Lowri van der Werff, who died of kidney cancer 10 years ago today, just before her 4th birthday. You have angels running with you Victoria, you are doing an amazing job!
22/09/2012 T,C,J & B $50.00
21/09/2012 Mum and Steve $30.00 Keep it up. We are very proud of you. On the home stretch now!
20/09/2012 Jackie Noon $40.00
20/09/2012 G.W.W. $20.00 What you are doing is amazing. Particularly in one so young.
20/09/2012 Tom Clegg $80.00 drove past you going to and from the day/ night 12hr bike ride in taupo in the weekend thinking "GO YOU INSPIRING/ MOTIVATING ADVENTURER". Many of us think of a challenge to conquer, but few charge ahead as you are doing!! Yeeha and well done
20/09/2012 Jason $50.00 How are the knees? Great work!!
20/09/2012 JCL $30.00
20/09/2012 A & A $20.00 Amazing effort - keep it up!
20/09/2012 DK $30.00 Top effort , well done
19/09/2012 Kim Bulwer $50.00 Awesome going. In memory of my Debe Ellis. RIP.
19/09/2012 Anne-Marie $30.00 Well done Victoria, amazing!Keep it up!
19/09/2012 Roy G $20.00 You should be really proud of what your doing, hope the feet are not too sore at the end.
18/09/2012 Olivier & Sam $30.00 Amazing challenge, well done Victoria
18/09/2012 Casey $40.00 Keep up the good work! Awesome!
18/09/2012 Sarah $30.00
18/09/2012 Nick $20.00
18/09/2012 Conor and Amber $30.00 Sorry we didn't run with you in Tokoroa!
16/09/2012 Discovery Lodge $300.00 Full respect and admiration for you Victoria! It was a pleasure running with you yesterday. Your raw determination and drive is inspirational. All the very best for the remainder of your odyssey, Callum Harland
16/09/2012 Emma $20.00 Good on you!! You are the most amazing person everyone is behind you, especially Chace!!
14/09/2012 Christine Munro $30.00 Go Girl!!
13/09/2012 Frances $100.00 What a champ you are - and for a very worthy cause - you are an inspiration to us all - happy travelling :-)
13/09/2012 Julia $50.00 You're doing amazing Victoria. NEGU. I know you won't.
12/09/2012 Rosalie Sinclair $30.00 Wow just found out about this, what an amazing thing to do! Best of luck hope this helps :)
12/09/2012 Stephen Day $40.00
11/09/2012 Jane Loughnan $50.00
09/09/2012 Barbara $30.00 Wow, just found out about what you are doing! You go girl! You are amazing :) big smiles cheering you on!
09/09/2012 Kathy Fryer $50.00 Good Luck
09/09/2012 Fred $50.00 Run strong. Wishing you fast roads and tail winds.
09/09/2012 Min $20.00
09/09/2012 Nichola $10.00
09/09/2012 Oscar $50.00 Amazing that you have mobilised your thoughts into a plan, actioned the plan and are now enduring such pain to help others less fortunate,ur beautiful!
08/09/2012 erica sherratt $20.00 You are doing so well Victoria...keep it up :))
05/09/2012 DJ $10.00 running strong for a good cause...
Good on ya!
04/09/2012 Nick $10.00 Good on ya, Good luck.
04/09/2012 Maddy $30.00 All the best for your run, good on you for making a difference :)
04/09/2012 Rose. $20.00
01/09/2012 Penny Duffell $10.00 Best of luck!! You are an inspiration.
31/08/2012 Nigel B $60.00 1 step, 1 kay, 1 day at a time - all the best for your mammoth task
31/08/2012 Divan Coetzee $30.00 All the best Victoria!
28/08/2012 Murray Green $30.00 This might finally keep you quiet Victoria, haha! I will try to join you at Cambridge and through to Tirau.
26/08/2012 Kirstin $20.00 Good Luck Victoria. You are a true inspiration!!
26/08/2012 Emily $30.00 Good luck!
23/08/2012 Helen Collins $20.00
23/08/2012 Mandy Simpson $100.00 Good luck - this is an amazing and crazy thing you are doing.
21/08/2012 Dave $30.00 Great to see someone making such a positive difference
21/08/2012 Kerry Emerson $30.00
21/08/2012 Will $10.00 Good luck!
16/08/2012 Erin $130.00 You are an inspirational Dream Chaser!
01/08/2012 Avril Boswell $100.00 Good Luck we hope to be with you in the Lower Hutt Area
01/08/2012 Nicola Eton $30.00
31/07/2012 Jeremy $30.00 Good on you Victoria!! Huge task for a very worthy charity. All the best!!
30/07/2012 Brandon $50.00 Good effort and great cause, go hard and go well, good luck...:)
25/07/2012 Katie $10.00 All the best!
18/07/2012 Kevin $20.00 Hope you actieve the full ammount you are trying to raise for the Child Cancer Foundation it is a great cause Victoria! Sorry it's only $20 i wish i could give more.
16/07/2012 Philip Sutton $40.00 All the best Victoria
13/07/2012 Skirt $30.00 abbs! go hard girl! you're so incredible! i cant even run to the dairy 500m away and your going for miles! go for it :)
love from skirt xx
11/07/2012 KylieB $10.00 Good luck, all the best!!! your doing a wonderful thing
09/07/2012 John Gallagher $100.00
06/07/2012 Ken Looi $30.00 If you were to ever do this on a unicycle, I'll sponsor a $1000, but this will have to do in the meantime.

You're an inspiration, go hard!
04/07/2012 jac connell $30.00 You are an inspiration. I wish you well on your runs. Good luck!
19/06/2012 Barb $150.00 My donation is in memory of Chace a brave boy and angel sent from God xxxxx
18/06/2012 Shayna Gillbanks $10.00 Good on you! Hopefully the funds raise make a big difference to those affected by this evil disease. Rest in peace Chace x x
17/06/2012 Leah $5.00 Its not much, but it makes a difference... You're an inspiration - all the best!
16/06/2012 Kelly $20.00 Well done for taking on such a huge challenge for a wonderful cause. I hope we will be able to come to cheer you on in Auckland!
16/06/2012 Claire & Stuart $100.00 for Chace
16/06/2012 Chace Topperwien $1,000.00 NEGU
16/06/2012 Karina Taylor $15.00 All the best for your journey
13/06/2012 lainey $100.00 Awesome!!!!!!!!you go girl
13/06/2012 Aliesha Lloyd $10.00 What a massive challenge for such an awesome cause - I wish you all the best and will be keeping up to date with your progress. YOU ARE AMAZING!!
13/06/2012 Ruby McGruddy $20.00 Good luck Victoria! Its for a great cause
13/06/2012 Ruud Verplancke $20.00 Wish you all the best, you are awesome and we are waiting for your arrival in the Deep South
13/06/2012 Heather Sullivan $30.00 Please run on behalf for Chace, our thoughts are with him and his family. You are an insperation!!!! Good Luck.
13/06/2012 Lissie Henry $10.00 Wow you are doing such an incredible thing!! Good luck for the run and fundraising :)
13/06/2012 Suresh $10.00 Good on you.
12/06/2012 Si & Bec Ansley $30.00 You are fantastic. What a wonderful thing to do!!
12/06/2012 Hannah $10.00 Great work, keep it up!
08/06/2012 Paula Devery $20.00 I am so impressed by your selfless goal. God bless.
02/06/2012 Andrew $30.00
27/04/2012 Sarah Chapman $20.00 Great to meet you Victoria, all the best!!
19/04/2012 Anonymous $264.00
05/04/2012 Rhys $20.00 Good luck Victoria! I hope your run goes well.

Rhys Williams
Gibson Sheat
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