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The Cancer Society of New Zealand was established over 80 years ago it is the leading non government organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone.

1 in 3 New Zealanders will be affected by cancer. Each year approximately 19000 people are diagnosed with cancer and around 8000 die as a result of cancer.

The Cancer Society of New Zealand is committed to working with our communities by providing support, information, research and health promotion. Free support services are provided throughout New Zealand for people affected by cancer, their families and whanau. These services include the Cancer Information Helpline 'Any Question Any Cancer' 0800 CANCER (226 237), counselling, information resources, accommodation, volunteer drivers, community nurses / liaison staff as well as the SunSmart, Smokefree and LiveSmart programmes.

Regarded as one of New Zealand's most trusted charities, the Cancer Society is an independent organisation that is reliant on donations and bequests so that its services are provided free of charge.

We appreciate and thank you for your support of the Cancer Society of New Zealand.


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