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Child Cancer Foundation

The Child Cancer Foundation is committed to supporting children and their families on their walk with child cancer. While more than three children on average per week in New Zealand are diagnosed with cancer, advancements in technology in recent years has meant that almost eight out of 10 of these children, if the cancer is identified early, can be treated. New Zealand children with cancer collectively undergo an astounding 100,000 treatments and procedures throughout their journey. Depending on the treatment or type of cancer however, the child may experience long-term side effects. In fact, around half of children who are treated for cancer will encounter at least one problem - whether physically or psychologically - related to their treatment.


The Child Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that provides emotional, practical and financial support to children and their families affected by child cancer. The government does not contribute anything towards the $3 million needed each year for child and family support services, so the Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations in the New Zealand community to continue its work for families.

The Child Cancer Foundation provides support for health professionals and contributes financially to research initiatives.


For families living with child cancer the Child Cancer Foundation provides:

  • Family Support Co-ordinators who supports the child and their family throughout their experience with cancer.
  • Financial assistance in a variety of forms including food, petrol, transportation and accommodation for children receiving treatment and visiting family members.
  • Parent support groups and support for all families including bereaved families.
  • Education initiatives for children with cancer.
  • Scholarships to assist children with cancer and in some cases their siblings/families.
  • Access to holiday homes to allow families some special time together.
  • Participation in the Beads of Courage and Sibling Beads programme, to support children undergoing treatment for cancer and their siblings.

The Child Cancer Foundation is a national organization with four regions, supporting a number of branches throughout the country.

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The Child Cancer Foundation
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