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All Fundraisers doing UNICEF NZ's Silent Emergencies Fund for UNICEF New Zealand

AdipaBhogal Adipa Bhogal's Fundraising Page $0.00
AhMaDRaHiM AhMaD RaHiM's Fundraising Page $0.00
Alisha Kaur Alisha Kaur's Fundraising Page $3,000.00
AlisonTaylor Make poverty history do your part. $0.00
AndyKim Andy Kim's Fundraising Page $10.10
BarryHughes UNICEF Silent Emergencies Fund $175.00
DanielleMiker Danielle's Fundrasing Webpage $0.00
hayleycoxon hayley coxon's Fundraising Page $0.00
HeenaMonga Heena Monga's Fundraising Page $0.00
JasmineTaylor Jasmine's fundrasing page $0.00
JinwooOh Jinwoo Oh's Fundraising Page $0.00
JodyWalford Jody Walford's Fundraising Page $0.00
JordanA Jordan's Fundraising Page $50.00
JulieBartlett Julie Bartlett's StarJam Money4Jam Page $0.00
Kal Kal's Fundraising Page $0.00
KasiaWojcik Kasia Wojcik's Fundraising Page $0.00
KateEllis Karleen Edmonds's Fundraising Page $100.00
kawarkhalid For the sake of Love help these children $0.00
Kristian KharlOrtigas Kristian's Fundraising Drive $25.00
MatthewFlower Vesuvius Vultures City Safari Team 2010 $59.00
MelissaLo Melissa's Page - Fudraising for Unicef! $460.00
MollyKamoto Molly Kamoto's Fundraising Page $0.00
NikkiHancock Nikki Hancock's Fundraising Page $8.00
PinkySiva Pinky Siva's Fundraising Page $0.00
RyanMcWilliams Ryan McWilliams's Fundraising Page $20.00
Save The WorldTango Save The World Tango's Fundraising Page $0.00
shamaunpatris shamaun patris's Fundraising Page $0.00
takapuna normal Intermediateschool takapuna normal Intermediate school's Fu $0.00
TakumaOhashi The 30 Swims of Winter $0.00
Tuan AnhDau Tuan Anh Dau's Fundraising Page $0.00
UNICEF Donation pageNidzhar 15 Year old's fundraiser $0.00
VickyT Vicky T's Fundraising Page $0.00
  Total: $3,907.10


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