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Contours World Relay for Children

Lao GirlUNICEF New Zealand and Contours Gyms invite you to take part in the Contours World Relay for Children on September 1st 2007.

With your help we want to run, walk, cycle, row and step around the world to raise funds for a UNICEF Water and Sanitation project in Laos. This year our goal is to travel 50,000km and raise $100,000. All you have to do to take part is register online at www.contours.co.nz and then turn up on the day at your local Contours Gym. The event is open to men as well as women, so there are no excuses for not getting involved.

A worthy cause

For every 15 minutes you spend on a piece of gym equipment, $10 will go to a UNICEF project in Laos that will help keep children (and especially girls) healthy and in school by providing them with clean water and toilet facilities, and the closer we will get to achieving our goal of circumnavigating the globe!

Less than half the population in Laos has access to safe water, and most rural villages survive on water that is unfit to drink. Women and girls spend up to three hours every day collecting water for cooking and washing from the closet stream or river. This daily chore prevents too many girls from attending school. Providing safe drinking water is the most effective way to end the cycle of poverty, sickness and child mortality.

Thousands of children in Laos have already benefited

Last year we travelled 30,410.46 km and raised over $80,000. Already the funds raised have produced remarkable results and more than 3000 children and their families have had their lives transformed.

The fun begins NOW

As well as taking part on the day we want you to spread the word to all your friends and family and get yourself sponsored online. Every extra dollar that you can raise through sponsorship will go directly towards the project in Laos. And who knows, you may inspire others to get involved too!

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