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FundraiseOnline Fee Transparency

We don't hide our fees and charges from anyone, in fact, the exact opposite. We are proud to publish our fee structure, because it is setting the standard in the sector. But first, the following is our commitment to our charities and the donors who use FundraiseOnline:

  1. We will always publish our fee structure
  2. There are not, nor will there ever be, hidden costs or fees
  3. We will always work to keep our credit card fees low – in fact, we believe, our credit card fees are the lowest available

Our fee structure is as follows:

Item Amount Explanation
Transaction Fee 5% + GST Charged on donations made through FundraiseOnline. This is to cover our processing costs, and the transaction charges that we do not pass directly on (see below).
Credit Card Fees Between 1.5% and 1.8% Like any service provider, we get charged, and pass on, credit card fees. As noted, we believe these are amongst the lowest available – these are often between 4.5% and 4.8%, or even more. That represents a significant saving to our charity partners.
Per transaction fee Not charged FundraiseOnline is charged $0.15 per transaction – we DO NOT pass this charge on.

We support transparency of fees charged within the Not-for-Profit sector. When you donate anywhere, always make sure you ask the question - how much of what I'm donating will get to the charity?

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