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Sponsor a friend who is raising money with FundaiseOnline.

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Try searching by both first name and surname. You can also search by page title or keyword.

This site is secure and EVERY donation made is paid directly to the individual charity Trust Account. Donations of $5.00 or more made by New Zealand Citizens may be eligible for a tax rebate and a taxation receipt will be issued for any donation made to a Charity. FundraiseOnline provides this as a FREE service to all fundraisers for Charity.

Charities receive the donations fully processed and receipted. In order to cover the transaction processing costs and the costs of running the website and hosting fundraisers webpages, FundraiseOnline charges a low 5% service fee deducted from any transaction and net proceeds are remitted directly to the nominated charities Trust Account . Charities listed on this website have agreed to meet the transaction charges, this site is a free service to fundraisers.

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