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Below you will find answers to the most common questions that people ask of us. If you require additional help at any time, please email us at

How do I change my fundraising target?

Log in to your account using your email and password. Click on "show tools" then "edit your page" and change the "my goal" at the top right of the page. Don't forget to save your changes down the bottom of the page.

Receipts for donations made

As long as a correct email address has been entered on the "make a donation" page, the donor should receive a receipt by email immediately. If the email has been entered incorrectly, then please email: with the date, name and amount of the donation and a link can be sent to you so the receipt can be printed out.

My friends have given me cash – how can I get this on the page?

The best way is to put the donation of $? on your own personal Credit Card, enter your friends details on the top part of the "Make a Donation" page and their email address. You keep the money and this means, your friend gets the receipt, you don't have to then collect up the money and get it to the charity as it is all processed online.

You have received a cheque for the charity?

This can be added to the Offline total by logging in to your account using your email and password, click on "show tools" then "edit your page" and change the "Total raised offline" at the bottom of the page and don't forget to save your changes. This cheque/s will need to be sent to the charity so they can verify your total raised.

Emailing your contacts from your own Email Programme

You can email your friends, family and supporters as many times as you wish from your own email programme. All you need to do is copy in your page address (url).

Remember to update your BLOG so supporters can see how your training is going etc

Has your donation gone through?

If you are unsure whether your donation has been processed, please check the fundraisers page after a few minutes. If the donation appears then your donation has been processed correctly. If it doesn't appear, then please try again.

Settlement of Funds

All funds are settled monthly to the charity, there is nothing more you need to do!

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