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Cancer Society of New Zealand
The Cancer Society of New Zealand is here to provide support to cancer patients and their families, to prevent the onset of cancer, and to carry out scientific research into cancer.

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Child Cancer Foundation
The Child Cancer Foundation is committed to supporting children and their families on their walk with child cancer. From the time of diagnosis, throughout the journey of treatments and subsequently the transition back into the community, the Foundation is there to offer support and care to all members of the family. The Foundation’s support and services also continue for families facing the palliative stage of treatment and those dealing with the loss of a child.

While more than three children on average per week in New Zealand are diagnosed with cancer, advancements in technology in recent years has meant that almost eight out of 10 of these children, if the cancer is identified early, can be treated. New Zealand children with cancer collectively undergo an astounding 100,000 treatments and procedures throughout their journey. Depending on the treatment or type of cancer however, the child may experience long-term side effects. In fact, around half of children who are treated for cancer will encounter at least one problem - whether physically or psychologically - related to their treatment.

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Cure Kids
Cure Kids is the face of the Child Health Research Foundation. Over the last 40 years Cure Kids has dedicated $32 million to funding medical research for children with life-threatening illnesses. For more information see

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KidsCan Charitable Trust
KidsCan Charitable Trust is levelling the playing field for NZ children living in poverty providing free food, shoes and raincoats for 42,000 Kiwi kids in 211 low decile schools in NZ. For more information see

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UNICEF New Zealand
UNICEF has saved the lives of more children than any other aid organistation in the world! Help us save even more lives. We do this by creating sustainable projects that save entire communities, rather than just one child. Our work has lasting positive changes in areas including maternal and child health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, education and child protection.

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Volunteer Service Abroad
VSA is a home-grown Kiwi volunteering organisation that in 50 years has sent more than 3,500 volunteers to work with communities striving for change throughout the Pacific, Asia and Africa. We now send volunteers on long and short-term assignments to share their skills with our neighbours in the wider Pacific focusing our efforts in Melanesia, Polynesia and Timor-Leste.

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