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Top Fundraisers doing Thousand Dollar Challenge

MartinFeeney Martin's Long Ride To Work $18,152.05
NickyGreville Spark PHD Taupo Relay $9,775.77
NZ FashionWeek NZ Fashion Week $8,786.30
DawnKelly Dawn Kelly's Fundraising Page $5,422.16
JoshuaOng The Big Shave $3,551.00
TraceyMikaera Gen-i Beyond Spring Challenge fundraiser $3,072.50
AlisonGulliver Alison Gulliver's Fundraising Page $2,963.70
MichelleMcKinlay Michelle McKinlay's Fundraising Page $2,730.00
ANZNational Ltd ANZ Morrinsville's Fundraising Page $2,234.50
JanaConway Jana's Breast Cancer Fundraising Page $2,201.51
Glendowie Book ClubCyclists Glendowie Book Club Fundraisi $2,115.00
RitaBaker Geoff Baker's Fundraising Page $2,015.00
PetraBagust Petra Bagust's $1000 Challenge $1,900.00
Jennifercairns Jennifer cairns's Fundraising Page $1,740.00
HilaryLewis Hilary Lewis's Fundraising Page $1,605.00
ChrisBrockelbank Chris Brockelbank's Fundraising Page $1,400.00
HilaryLewis Hilary Lewis's $1000 challenge $1,165.00
KylieAtkins Make Kylie jump! $1,135.00
AsriParkinson Asri's Breast Cancer 1000 Fundraiser $1,000.00
ShelleyButt 10 minute massage for $10!! $1,000.00
Hose SuppliesBGH Group Hose Supplies BGH Group Fundraising Page $862.70
Jennifercairns Jennifer Cairns's Fundraising Page $845.00
DruryBlue Drury Blue Fundraising Challenge $779.20
Parts Connection LtdRob Bray Euroline PartsConnection Fundraisng Page $720.00
SoamesBrockelbank Soames Brockelbank's Fundraising Page $600.00
MelissaBanse d $510.00
ShereeEdwards Debs & Rees $1000 challange $410.00
TerryMorris Terry Morris's Fundraising Page $278.00
JackieHancock Jackie Hancock's Fundraising Page $230.00
You & Improved LtdFitness Workshop You and Improved Ltd $225.00
ShelleeSamuel Shellee Samuel's Fundraising Page $215.00
HealthyEating Healthy Eating's Fundraising Page $175.00
Mitre 10 MEGAHamilton Hamilton Mega Ladies Night Fundraising $146.00
AlexNeilson Alex Neilson's Fundraising Page $140.36
Mitre 10 MegaHenderson Mega Henderson & Botany Fundraising $125.00
IsabelleFrances Smith WIN pole dance lessons at a famous club! $120.00
Funked UpTextile Print and Design Funked Up Textile Print and Design's Fun $100.00
AlexBevis Alex Bevis's Fundraising Page $100.00
KiranMaan Kiran Maan's Fundraising Page $85.00
JacobAnnals Jacob Annals Fundraisin $65.00
SeaSukkee Sea Sukkee's Fundraising Page $62.00
ShortStuff Short Stuff's Fundraising Page $20.00
ToniBooth Toni Booth's Fundraising Page $20.00
GeelingNg Geeling Ng's Fundraising Page $20.00
Cae & DaniHaupini Made with Love $20.00
Mega Ladies NightNew Plymouth Mega Ladies Night New Plymouth $15.00
NatalieWyatt Natalie's BCR Fundraising Page $0.00
SGee One Step, One $, One Life $0.00
mandihenderson mandi henderson $0.00
BarbaraKnight QMC Technology's Fundraising Page $0.00
WinniesErin Kuter Winnies Ladies Night Gala $0.00
aleksandrakrstevska aleksandra krstevska's Fundraising Page $0.00
AnnaReilly Anna Reilly's Fundraising Page $0.00
CourtneyTaniwha-Hiku Courtney Taniwha-Hiku's Fundraising Page $0.00
JenningsCottage Jennings Cottage's Fundraising Page $0.00
KateWhalan Kate Whalan's Fundraising Page $0.00
NatalieKelman-Murray Natalie Kelman-Murray's Fundraising Page $0.00
RichPriest Rich Priest's Fundraising Page $0.00
AnnaChow Anna Chow's Fundraising Page $0.00
BIG FM BIG FM 's Fundraising Page $0.00
ClairePeriam Breast Cancer Kids $0.00
BreastmatesFrances McInnes Breastmates' Fundraising Page $0.00
MeganKaputa ddfds $0.00
Hornby Mitre 10 Mega Hornby Mega Breast Cancer Fund $0.00
Mitre 10 MEGAGlenfield Ladies Night at MEGA Glenfield $0.00
KellyGoulding Kelly Goulding's Fundraising Page $0.00
Young HeartsFor a Good Cause Young Hearts For A Good Cause $0.00
sophie and abbychapman and ashley sophie and abby chapman Fundraising Page $0.00
AnnaReilly The Cure for a Cure $0.00
LindaTran Thousand Dollars for Breast Cancer! $0.00
SeanHenry Sean Henry's Fundraising Page $0.00
StephanieMichie Stephanie Michie's Fundraising Page $0.00
The Hot CookiesWith Sugar On Top The Hot Cookies' Page $0.00
AnnaMaxwell Anna Maxwell's Fundraising Page $0.00
AnnaMaxwell Anna Maxwell's Fundraising Page $0.00
AntheaLivingstone Anthea Livingstone's Fundraising Page $0.00
bozosabt bozos abt's Fundraising Page $0.00
ChrisHawthorn Chris Hawthorn's Fundraising Page $0.00
Invercargill Mega Ladies NightMega Invercargill Mega Ladies Night Fundraising Page $0.00
JuliaColeman Julia Coleman's Fundraising Page $0.00
kelly/ Hi-Tech Automotive ltdjelavich kellyHi-Tech Automotive ltd jelavich's $0.00
KristiHacket Kristi Hacket's Fundraising Page $0.00
LornaRoddick Lorna Roddick's Fundraising Page $0.00
MareeWinchester Maree Winchester's Fundraising Page $0.00
Marlborough MEGA Ladies NightMarlborough Marlborough MEGA Ladies Night Marlboroug $0.00
JonnevieMunoz Meeping $0.00
meganogilvie megan ogilvie's Fundraising Page $0.00
Mitre 10 MEGA Takanini Mitre 10 MEGA Takanini 's Ladies Night $0.00
MoniqueMacdonald MM's Fundraising Page $0.00
NatashaAudi Natasha Audi's Fundraising Page $0.00
rowenasokimi OUR FUTURE OUR AWARENESS $0.00
ReneeKarena Renee Karena's Fundraising Page $0.00
SheetalChand Sheetal Chand's Fundraising Page $0.00
Bruce Hanvey Bruce Hanvey's Fundraising Page $0.00
TerriMeredith Terri's put a stop to Breast Cancer $0.00
The ChemistsLtd The Chemists Ltd's Fundraising Page $0.00
High SocietyLtd High Society's Fundraising Page $197.00
TomBlair-Avery. Tom Blair-Avery.'s Fundraising Page $0.00
KateLee Life Pharmacy Glenfield $1000 Challenge $420.00
Air NZHRSS & Corporate Air NZ HRSS & Corporate's Fundraising Pa $747.60
Air NZ Alpha DomPuru Air NZ Alpha Dom Puru's Fundraising Page $1,000.00
WestfieldDowntown Westfield Downtown's Fundraising Page $1,007.40
  Total: $84,224.75



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