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john hayato branderhorst's Fundraising Page

PAGE CREATOR: john hayato branderhorst
EVENT: Ironman NZ 2009
EVENT DATE: 07/03/2009

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

I'll do all the hard work; train for and complete this event, but I really need your help to make a difference to my charity.

Please could you sponsor me?

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If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

So please sponsor me now!

Many thanks for your support

My Online Sponsors To Date
01/03/2009 Gary Najarian $149.00
16/02/2009 Danielle $25.00 2 x for every mile we ran today- thanks for the motivation! Great rainy day run- GOOD LUCK IN NZ!!!
10/02/2009 Dan Vigil $139.55 Let's ostukare when you get back.
08/02/2009 Derek & Kerrie $90.00 Good Luck John
30/01/2009 Matt Cohen $29.00
27/01/2009 Donations from SB Fundraiser $539.00 $286 were donated at the Sports Basement Fundraiser held on 1/25. Plus we raised another $140 through the silent auction!
27/01/2009 Allison $95.00 Good Luck John!
25/01/2009 Son H $25.00 Good Luck!
24/01/2009 mia k $51.09 Ganbare, Hayato-kun! Oh-en shiteru yo!
22/01/2009 Gary Branderhorst $94.63 Happy 30th. Good luck. dad
22/01/2009 Linda T $38.12 Go Hayato! Consider this my b'day gift to you...
21/01/2009 Andrew H $30.00 Gambatte!
20/01/2009 Jed & Peta $50.00 Go John!
14/01/2009 Rob W $15.00 Kick some butt John.
27/12/2008 GoSikh.com $35.00 Way to go John.
25/12/2008 Kenji $87.16 Good Luck!! Love Ya Bro!!
Total Raised Online: NZD$1,492.55
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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100% achieved
My Goal: NZD $552.00
I've Raised: NZD $1,492.55
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Breath4CF is a fundraising campaign and grant fund established and run by the Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand. Money raised for this fund ensures that cost is not a barrier to participation in physical activity by providing a grant to each person with Cystic Fibrosis every year, to help t ... 
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Ironman NZ 2009
Ironman NZ 2009
3.8km Swim, 180km Cycle, 42km run. Lake Taupo, New Zealand
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