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One in four kiwi children live below the poverty line. But the great tragedy is, we just don’t see it. The KidsCan Charitable Trust exists to meet the physical and nutritional needs of New Zealand children living in poverty. We do this so they can be more engaged in their education and have a better chance of reaching their full potential in life.

We firmly believe education equals opportunity, but for the thousands of Kiwi kids who miss out on the basics, like three meals a day and adequate clothing, getting to school and staying focused can be a real struggle.

The charity was founded in 2005 and today supports the education of thousands of disadvantaged New Zealand children in over 400 low decile schools nationwide. We provide tangible programmes that concentrate on giving the basics such as food, clothing, shoes and basic healthcare directly to those children who are in need in partnership with the school they attend.

KidsCan operates with funds donated by generous individuals, Trusts, the Ministry of Social Development and businesses, whose kind donation goes towards helping us to expand our programmes to support children waiting for our help.

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Where our support goes:

Less than 50 cents a day can provide those children in need with the basics they're missing out on.

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The Great New Zealand Santa Run 2014

The Great New Zealand Santa Run 2014
On Wednesday, 3 December 2014 thousands of people dressed in Santa suits will take to the streets for The Great KidsCan Santa Run.

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