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Kiteboarding Crossing of Cook Strait

PAGE CREATOR: Louis Tapper
EVENT: Cook Strait Crossing
EVENT DATE: 01/12/2008

Fanatical Kiteboarders Louis Tapper and Alistair Quinn are making the first ever bid to cross the notoriously treacherous Cook Strait by kite, and raise money for the Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter while they're doing it. Chopper rescue services can mean the difference between life and death for thousands of New Zealanders every year. And you can't get more deserving than that.

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So please sponsor Lifeflight now!

Hey and if you donate to Westpac Helicopter you have a chance to win cool prizes! You will go into a draw for a 3 month membership from Habit Gym and there are two lots of 2 hour kiteboarding lessons from Wildwinds shop. If you win a kite lesson, beware you may start a kiting addiction!

Spot Messenger have sponsored some fantastic satellite tracking devices which will be used to follow Louis and Alis progress in real time. Check out their progress at: www.yakers.co.nz

Many thanks for your support

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My Online Sponsors To Date
11/05/2009 ML $270.00
12/01/2009 JL $50.00
17/12/2008 Matt Gleeson $20.00 Hey Louis

Congrats on crossing the strait. Must have been a huge effort.
13/12/2008 Mike White $100.00
10/12/2008 www.markg.com.au $50.00 Awesome effort guys! And for a great cause as well
10/12/2008 Jill McKenzie $25.00 Well done....very impressive!!
10/12/2008 ML $25.00 Yippee, super stuff, congrats! Beats the ferry...!
09/12/2008 Sushila Bhikha $25.00 AWESOME!! WELL DONE LOUIS
09/12/2008 Peter Baird $10.00 Well done Al
09/12/2008 chris & helena $50.00 Awesome achievement! Congratulations. We Always knew Ali was crazy!
09/12/2008 Penny Isaac and Marcus $100.00 Awesome cuz! Well done :)
09/12/2008 Karyn Meade $25.00 awesome effort guys!
09/12/2008 DC $20.00 well done yiz mad things
09/12/2008 letsgetjase $25.00 Well DOne. A NZ record that you have made through your own hard work. Well Done Guys too you both.
09/12/2008 G $50.00 Nice work boyz!
09/12/2008 Armstrong Family $20.00 Good on you
09/12/2008 Snoddy $100.00 Wow - Great work Louis.
08/12/2008 Chris Hourigan $25.00 nice work guys!
08/12/2008 Andrea $25.00 Wow! So impressed - I never got past the falling flat on my face stage of kitesurfing. Huge props to you guys!!
08/12/2008 Christina D $30.00
08/12/2008 Em Chetwin $25.00
08/12/2008 Jono Baddiley $100.00
08/12/2008 Suzie Marsden $50.00 Wow Louis, what an amazing feat.
08/12/2008 Raghu $10.00 Good Luck!
08/12/2008 francesco $50.00 wooooow,i have the coolest "brother in law" in the world!
08/12/2008 Rich Anderson $50.00 Go Louis!
08/12/2008 zoe $20.00 You are mad - It's glorious. Good luck!
08/12/2008 Nathan Richardson $25.00 Go for it Louis, great to see you out there!
08/12/2008 mc $25.00 Good work!
08/12/2008 Jen (Al's lil 'sis) $50.00 Woohooooo I have the coolest brother in the world!!!
08/12/2008 Lucky $25.00 go big Al
08/12/2008 Andrew $10.00 Awesome stuff!
08/12/2008 Helen and John W $20.00 Great effort for a good cause!
Cook Strait Ferry is enough for me!
08/12/2008 Ali's Mum $100.00 Go Ali & Louis!!
(and come back safely)
08/12/2008 Jonathan $25.00 Go well you guys!
08/12/2008 Aidan $10.00 Good Stuff Guys. Live the dream!
08/12/2008 Duncan $20.00 Good luck
08/12/2008 Katherine $25.00
08/12/2008 Kate Hewson $20.00
08/12/2008 Vics and Neil $50.00 Good Luck Louis and Ali. Crazy but very cool ;-)
08/12/2008 Ruth $25.00 You're crazy cuz! Good luck.
08/12/2008 Kal $10.00 G'luck, Louis.
08/12/2008 Kieran $20.00 Good on you. Go hard
08/12/2008 winzurf $10.00 Good luck guys, great charity to support
08/12/2008 Margie Olds $25.00 Good luck. I'll be checking in for updates!
08/12/2008 Jo $40.00 good luck guys - home sick today so have to watch your progress on dial up! argh...
08/12/2008 Joe $25.00 Wouldn't the ferry be easier?
07/12/2008 Gerry $100.00 Can't ask for a better cause than that.. Good luck guys!
07/12/2008 www.dvntkiteboarding.com and www.nzkiter.com $40.00 Awesome, wish I was going. Hope the weather is all good for you.

05/12/2008 Mel $15.00 Good luck guys
04/12/2008 Jaz $15.00 Your mad, but good luck!
02/12/2008 Paul and Bee $20.00 Crazy buggas, kick ass
01/12/2008 Joost & Lynn $30.00
01/12/2008 barry $10.00 Safe surfing boys
30/11/2008 Russ $20.00 Good luck mate!
Total Raised Online: NZD$2,160.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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I've Raised: NZD $2,160.00
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Life Flight Trust
Life Flight provides air rescue services to the Greater Wellington Region, Wairarapa and Marlborough and air ambulance services throughout New Zealand.
These services are provided
by our Life Flight NZ Air Ambulance Service and our
Wellington-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter

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