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EVENT: Run 4 Christchurch Virtual Race
EVENT DATE: 12/03/2011

As you may know, New Zealand's second largest city, Christchurch, was devastated by a 6.3 earthquake at lunchtime on Tuesday 22 February 2011. There have been over 100 fatalities and many are still missing.

Kiwis out of Christchurch and people around the world want to know how they can help, and the answer's short. With money. But we all want to feel like we're doing more than just typing our credit card numbers into a box and clicking submit. So we thought we'd go for a run. Wearing red and black, to show the people of Canterbury we love them. And we'd like you to join us for a virtual run. Wherever you are.

If you'd like to participate, just follow these easy steps:

* make a donation to the Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake fund here, using the link below [Minimum $5 (NZD), recommended donation of $1 per k]

* tell the world you're in. Share the love on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, whatever

* on the 12th or 13th of March, pop your red and black on, and hit the streets, or the pavements, or the trails, or wherever it is you run.

* then send us a link to your race report, and we'll post it on our website, http://run4chch.wordpress.com.

We're hoping to get 100 runners, so please share this with everyone you know!

And lastly please tell us your location in the comments so we can add you to the map.

My Online Sponsors To Date
31/03/2011 Michelle. H $20.00
29/03/2011 Lee Rowe $5.00 Ran 5 km Waipapa Block Road, Pahoia. Slow but sure
27/03/2011 Papamoa Beach Runners $60.00
23/03/2011 Greg, Mark & Lyndi $70.00 Sponsored 5km run in Rebecca Joslin's group event.
21/03/2011 RATs & Tarawera Ultramarathon $1,000.00 Kia Kaha Christchurch, this is a donation from your friends in Rotorua and competitors at the Tarawera Ultramarathon
21/03/2011 Sarah Hukins $250.00 Thanks to the guys at work
for supporting my run, cheers Paul, Prem, Steph Shiv,Sukhie,Myra,
John B, Fay, Alan,
Thelma,Tony and Aly
21/03/2011 Faye Avery $112.00
20/03/2011 Glenn & Shaun $55.00 Good on you Sear and Lise. Our thoughts are with all those affected. Much love x
19/03/2011 Julieto $20.00 Greytown Community Board sponsored the posters two of us put around town and we walked 5km on 13 March. Thank you for seeding this brilliant and simple idea!
19/03/2011 Rebecca Joslin $50.00 We did this as a team. Rebecca, Mike, Clio, Andrew and James was pushed in the pram
19/03/2011 Jacob Salamon $55.00 Go Sarah and Lisa!
19/03/2011 The Howards $30.00 For Dubai. However, we didn't run but had a ski instead during our holiday in Austria.
18/03/2011 Dave, Jacqui & Olivia Medley $72.00 From London 5K Run and support of Homefiled School.
17/03/2011 Pav $25.00
17/03/2011 Hemmie Vermoolan $5.00 Go Run4CHCH!!!
17/03/2011 DWMartin Construction $14.00 Ran 5km for Mike and everyone in Christchurch.
17/03/2011 The Glen Family $100.00
17/03/2011 Chan and Neasa Kul $400.00 We are so sad for the people of Christchurch and wish them everything good in these hard times. We are training to do a half marathon in Ireland in 2 weeks when we go home on holiday so we will think of the people of Chch as we do it (good on you Ballina for your great effort by the way !!)
16/03/2011 Jonny Manning & Alex Till $100.00 Congrats Connor Bland on keeping up a scorching pace around Safa park in Dubai. Look out Nick Willis.....
16/03/2011 Evan Roberts $426.00
16/03/2011 Magda $18.00
15/03/2011 Ballina Co.Mayo Ireland $2,220.00 12 March 2011. Over 50 runners, walkers and even a cyclist, all wearing the Canterbury colours of red and black, took part in Ballina Co.Mayo Ireland organised by Ballina RFC. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to do something for Chch.
15/03/2011 Caroline & Di - Sydney Harbour Bridge run $50.00
15/03/2011 Penny and Geoff $200.00 As narrow escapees from the disaster (now back in U.K.) we are impressed with everyone's efforts, especially Dubai's. Kiwis are great and Christchurch must be restored.
15/03/2011 Michele & Terry $10.00
15/03/2011 Helen Dirven, Ashley Wijnants & Friends $1,514.00 Saturday, 12 March 2011,
20 runners and 14 walkers participated in the 6.8 km Run4CHCH in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. We raised € 800 (NZ$ 1514), which has been donated to the NZ Red Cross. We really enjoyed doing it and it was great being able to do something for the Christchurch people.

Kia Kaha Christchurch
Helen Dirven, Ashley Wijnants & Friends.
15/03/2011 Rick and Deb Neilson $100.00 In support of all our Kiwi friends
14/03/2011 James & Fi Jackson $50.00 Congrats! Well done to all who walked in Dubai!
14/03/2011 Lisa $10.00 Wow, awesome total! Think I have run about 20ks in last fortnight so hope that counts and of course great power walk sunday in Welly : )
14/03/2011 Lyda $10.00
14/03/2011 Mark $14.00
14/03/2011 Rachel $5.00
14/03/2011 Mari $20.00 I ran 9.6K from Qawra to Burmarrad on Malta today!
14/03/2011 78731 $25.00 Make a difference!
14/03/2011 Johnston $40.00
14/03/2011 Dorothea $15.00
14/03/2011 Jan and Brian Scott $50.00 Sponsoring Mike, Jo, Adam and Laura's run in Tauranga from Romford, England. Go Team Run4Christchurch
14/03/2011 68623 $50.00 Supporting our runner Bj and his kiwi wife in red and black today! Love from Germany!
14/03/2011 Tui $25.00 A very quiet 10km Run4CHCH in the bush in Papamoa Hills
14/03/2011 Sarah Hukins $100.00 Great support from my
colleagues sponsoring me.
cheers Ness, Laura, Kev,
Vicky, Paul Emma M Emma B,
Helen, Steve and Noreen
14/03/2011 DareToTriLife $46.00 Hi, all here in the UK send our best wishes and support at this unthinkable time. Got your link via Steve.Runner.Com ; this is a donation following today's half marathon from Balloch to Clydebank in Glasgow.
14/03/2011 Iris van Breda $25.00
14/03/2011 Patrick Girard $33.00
14/03/2011 sack & fi $150.00 red & black run in dubai supporting chch all the way!!
14/03/2011 Rachel Bennett $30.00 sypporting Sarah Hukins and Lisa Amos and Chch my hometown always was and always will be even though I live in London!
14/03/2011 Robyn, Joyce and Jeff $120.00
14/03/2011 Brookfield Multiplex in Dubai $1,000.00
14/03/2011 Kings and Ems $50.00
14/03/2011 Monica Murray $50.00 NZ expats living in Dubai
13/03/2011 David Tow $70.00
13/03/2011 VJC $10.00 For Kate and Phil
13/03/2011 mel and Lates $100.00 Running Richmond park today.
13/03/2011 Alannah Compton $50.00 Doing the run in Richmond park today
13/03/2011 Warrick and Ines $50.00 Doing the 5km run in Richmond Park,London today.
13/03/2011 Redondo Beach Run 4 ChCh Virtual 5K participants $116.00 Money raised from the virtual 5k for Run 4 Christchurch held in Redondo Beach, CA march 12, 2011
13/03/2011 Emma @ Namaste Everyday $5.00 I ran a 5K to show my support!
13/03/2011 MalcolmG $25.00 Let's call it $3/km doing Round the Bays this morning :)
13/03/2011 Lou & Franz $50.00 From Dubai
13/03/2011 Coco & Matthew Hall $25.00 For Mari
13/03/2011 Troy and Susan Cook $10.00 Ran in the neighborhood for the cause
13/03/2011 Petrice $100.00
13/03/2011 T $10.00 Did a short run by myself, but wanted to help the cause anyway!
13/03/2011 PenguinFan $14.00
13/03/2011 Wellington Scottish Scenic Sunday Runners $75.00 We headed up Mt Kaukau on a glorious Wellington morning.
13/03/2011 Amy $20.00 I am not a runner, so I rode my bike 5K this afternoon instead! Thinking of all those affected by the earthquake and sending love...
13/03/2011 Dave M $35.00 Pledging US$26 or $2 for each mile I ran today.
13/03/2011 MaD CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Gym $235.00 Great turn out today for the Run, thanks to the members and friends of MaD Crossfit for their generous donations.
13/03/2011 MichelleT $13.50
13/03/2011 Debs $50.00 Going to be runing in Richmond Park tomorrow.
13/03/2011 MaryAnn Mease $68.00
13/03/2011 Sam $200.00
13/03/2011 KelliL $25.00 Thinking of you all! My run for Christchurch is complete.
13/03/2011 Wilson Services $80.00
13/03/2011 Margie $25.00 Will be running in Richmond park tomorrow!
13/03/2011 Maria & Jose $20.00 Supporting Lisa Hanson, the best kiwi in Npton!
13/03/2011 Matt $7.00 Running in MN!
13/03/2011 McKee & Hawley $40.41
13/03/2011 CME $40.00 Supporting Sarah H and Lisa A.......Go Girls
13/03/2011 Laura Quinn $45.00 Run in Dubai
13/03/2011 Helen and Pete $500.00 Awesome turn out for the run today in Dubai. Thanks so much to all for coming along and your support and a huge well done to the "founders" of Run For Christchurch.
13/03/2011 RAB $25.00 In honor of Lindsay, the only NZer I know!
13/03/2011 S Ledwith $7.00 Thinking of you all.
13/03/2011 @TrixieMercury $15.00
13/03/2011 Lara,Matt, Myles and Sebastian $20.00
13/03/2011 The Lambs of Dubai $100.00 Run for Dubai
13/03/2011 Natalie and Andy $100.00 Running in Dubai
13/03/2011 John Farron $100.00 Running in Dubai
13/03/2011 Jethro and Eilish $150.00
12/03/2011 Megan & Shane $100.00 Running in Dubai
12/03/2011 hinukshines $70.00 Thanks for all the good work that you're doing, for those of us that can't be there
12/03/2011 paulap $100.00
12/03/2011 Hugh, Jac & Helena Fitzsimmons $100.00 See you in Richomd Park
12/03/2011 Team Haughwout and LTMS $25.00 We'll be in red and black
12/03/2011 Fitbodies Personal Training $25.00 Sponsoring Kek - run completed this morning in Melbourne, Australia
12/03/2011 Shauna R $50.00 Walking here in rainy Scotland :)
12/03/2011 Nats & Kelso $100.00 Big hugs to all in ChCh x
12/03/2011 James O'Brien $5.00
12/03/2011 Bruce_C $10.00
12/03/2011 Gill Gourlay $25.00 Our thoughts are with all the people who's lives have been badly affected by this tragedy.
12/03/2011 Sharonda $25.00 Great idea and best of luck!
12/03/2011 Paul $100.00 Go girls!
11/03/2011 Wray Irwin $50.00 Our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time
11/03/2011 Anne Bain Carmichael $25.00
11/03/2011 Gloria Abernethy $4.00 Gloria will be walking at Mount Maunganui
11/03/2011 Tauranga Boys' College Cross Country 8k $122.60 Thanks to the TBC Cross Country Team ... Andrew, Aaron, Harrison, Jack, Mitchell, Scott, Javahn, Wade
Paul, Sean, Cameron, Dervyn
Michael, Tim, Patrick
Julian, Ben, Louis, Cody, Grieg Jordan and Thomas
11/03/2011 G $25.00 Running with Sam Hannah and friends tomorrow morning in Wellington 9am - Waitangi Park! :)
11/03/2011 OAMPS $14.00 Sponsorship for Ben Gair from OAMPS Australia - NZ Earthquake appeal
11/03/2011 Di $25.00
11/03/2011 Jim Smith II $25.00 I'll be running in the Seattle St. Patrick's Day Dash wearing the Red & Black instead of green. Good luck Kiwis, we're thinking of you!
11/03/2011 Amanda S $25.00
11/03/2011 Marcus Peterson $25.00
11/03/2011 OAMPS Mark and Terry $136.00 Great effort Team OAMPS on a wet night!!
11/03/2011 Team Farmer $25.00
11/03/2011 Milbourne Family $25.00
11/03/2011 Lisa Hanson $25.00 Will be running in Richmond Park, London on the 13th.
11/03/2011 Jen Lennox $5.00
11/03/2011 Leah $20.00
11/03/2011 Steve in a Speedo $25.00 Hoping for a good turn-out in MPLS / St. Paul for our local 5K run for Christchurch on Saturday!
11/03/2011 Jess devlin $25.00 Way to go!
11/03/2011 Sarah Hukins and Lisa Amos $150.00 We'll be running in the Red and Black in Hyde Park in support of everyone affected by the quake. I have fantastic memories of Ch Ch when I lived there in the 80's. Kia Kaha Christchurch
10/03/2011 Lyndal - WA $50.00 My heart and thoughts are still with Christchurch x
10/03/2011 Helen $15.00 Well Done to the Oamps Team.
10/03/2011 Rena Reese $30.00 What a fabulous idea! Happy to be a part of it. I noticed I have the opportunity to offer the donation that brings you to your goal of $5,000 NZD--so here you go.

10/03/2011 Tricia casey $25.00
10/03/2011 Sandy $25.00 Team OAMPS
10/03/2011 Danial M $30.00 Supporting team OAMPS
10/03/2011 Keri $25.00 Go run4chch! Lots of love to the Chch-ians from the Shaky City
10/03/2011 Richie $20.00
10/03/2011 The Middleweeks $25.00 Will be proudly wearing Red and Black for all those in Chch who are in our thoughts and prayers x
10/03/2011 Dale $5.00
10/03/2011 Kathryn $25.00
09/03/2011 Tammy Dawson $25.00 Aussie Aussie Kiwis, Oi Oi Oi
09/03/2011 Margie Glass $25.00
09/03/2011 Joy Rudder $5.00 My little bit for Suse & Albert, & all of ChCh.
09/03/2011 Louise Flynn $25.00 Supporting the OAMPS team
09/03/2011 Jo $25.00
09/03/2011 Mark Hutchison $25.00 Supporting the team from OAMPS and our friends across the ditch
09/03/2011 Felicity $15.00
09/03/2011 Michael Meysztowicz $35.00 Supporting the OAMPS Team and Christchurch
09/03/2011 Foxie $25.00 Supporting Team OAMPS
09/03/2011 Amy Yok-Ming Wong $27.02
09/03/2011 Katie $20.00
09/03/2011 Patrick McCrann $67.50 Thanks for helping out!
09/03/2011 Rob R $25.00 Supporting the OAMPS team
08/03/2011 Fabio $5.00
08/03/2011 April F $25.00 Supporting the OAMPS Team
08/03/2011 Morgie $50.00 Great idea! We're a long way away over here in Dubai, but our thoughts are with the people of Christchurch.
08/03/2011 Brenda $25.00
08/03/2011 Samantha Hannah $40.00 Running is what I love, and sharing love with others makes the world go round. So Christchurch, I think of you everyday - lets rebuild your city together, with love!
08/03/2011 michellew $25.00
08/03/2011 jon stacey $50.00 Running in Perth.
08/03/2011 Sara $30.00 Thinking of you all
07/03/2011 Jo Burton $20.00
07/03/2011 Gabi P $17.00 Supporting the OAMPS Team
07/03/2011 Sandra Fitzsimons $25.00 Lived in Chch for a couple of years, are hearts go out to each and every one of you. I will be running on the Coromandel. xx
07/03/2011 Alison Crotty $50.00
07/03/2011 Lee Andreasen $50.00 I'll be in red & black on the 13th, in New Westminster, BC, Canada.
06/03/2011 Nichola Hutchinson $50.00
06/03/2011 Sara Morse $68.00 Thinking of you.
06/03/2011 The Running Green Girl $10.00
06/03/2011 Jenny Moore $25.00
05/03/2011 Bea W $10.00 Will be running at home in Colchester, cheering everyone running and thinking of the ones in need of help.
05/03/2011 Antoinette Serrano-Smith $35.00 Running in AZ with New Zealand in my heart and prayers.
05/03/2011 Clare Early $5.00
05/03/2011 Emil Tow $25.00 First time running 5kms...

All the best to everyone in Christchurch.
05/03/2011 *Bitch Cakes* $15.00
05/03/2011 Christina $25.00
05/03/2011 55404 $15.00
04/03/2011 Rosie $10.00 Stay Strong Christchurch xx
04/03/2011 Robert Wagstaff $13.00 Supporting the OAMPS Team
04/03/2011 Jayden Elley $25.00 I'll be running in Christchurch, for Christchurch!
04/03/2011 Rilla Khaled $250.00
04/03/2011 sarah $20.00 will be running in cork in red and black while thinking of all in Christchurch
04/03/2011 Samone B $50.00 First time I will have tried 5k straight - good on you guys, hope the fundraising goes gangbusters.
03/03/2011 Tonya $100.00 Great idea Lucinda. I'll be running in Miami
03/03/2011 Georgia $25.00 I will be running across the ditch in Melbourne thinking of everyone affected in Christchurch. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity! Georgia - http://fabulousfoodandalittlefrolicking.blogspot.com/
03/03/2011 Taylor Family $25.00 Sponsoring Kate
03/03/2011 AMT $25.00 i will be running in michigan, USA, but thinking good kiwi thoughts.
03/03/2011 Rebecca $25.00
03/03/2011 lynsey $25.00
02/03/2011 Hudig Family $200.00 Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Christchurch. Running with the MaD cross fit lower hutt
02/03/2011 Lindsay $100.00 Sponsoring Phillip & Kate
02/03/2011 Tina Shoup $50.00 I will be snowshoeing instead of walking as we have over 22 feet of snow. I'll make it as far as I can! My heart goes out to my dear friend Hayley Cullen who lost her sister in this horibble tragedy.
02/03/2011 Chai Ting $200.00
02/03/2011 Remington (6 YRS) $5.00 My mom and me (Remington 6 years old) were talking about what I can do to help others and I she told me about this. I plan to run 1 mile for 3 days. I hope this helps. God bless you.
01/03/2011 Char Monster $50.00 Brilliant Idea!!
01/03/2011 Peter Kyle $200.00
01/03/2011 Elaine Y $5.00 I will be running in Wellington, thinking of the people in Christchurch.
01/03/2011 Ann Petit $30.00
01/03/2011 Dianna & John from Phoenix AZ $50.00 We'll be running in support on 12 March immediately following a 60 mile bike tour. The triathlon community supports your speedy recovery. Wishing you the best!
01/03/2011 Katrina Whiteford $50.00
28/02/2011 Sally&Carlo Colella $135.00 In honor of Suzette Bradbury's run.
28/02/2011 malcolm hardy $25.00 Awesome innitiative Mike. Praying and running for the Cantabs but supporting the Chiefs
28/02/2011 Sara Harrison $25.00 Born and bred in chistchurch, but living in Wellington now. Love and prayers to all those affected by the quake. Will be running on 13 March with MAD
28/02/2011 Tammy $50.00 Love from Dallas Texas USA
28/02/2011 Rideau Canoe Club $40.00 A group of paddlers from the Rideau Canoe Club in Ottawa, Canada did a 10 km ice skate race on the Rideau Canal this morning. On their behalf here's a small donation - our coach Graeme has recently returned from studying in New Zealand.
28/02/2011 Bruce Murrie $26.65 My daughter and I visited friends of mine in Christchurch in Dec. of 2007, and we are both so upset and sad to hear of the terrible destruction you've had to your beautiful city with the recent earthquake and aftershocks.
28/02/2011 Natasha T $42.00
28/02/2011 Joan on behalf of Paul Fuchsman $39.96 On behalf of my Dad who has always had a warm spot for the New Zealand people after spending time there during WWII
28/02/2011 Mich and James $50.00 Thinking of everyone in Christchurch. Will be hitting the roads in London.
28/02/2011 Colin Harper $25.00 I'll be running and thinking of Christchurch in Chelmsford UK.
27/02/2011 @TLAdotcom $25.00
27/02/2011 @southbaygirl $25.00 My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the earthquake! Sending my love from california! I will run for you all on march 12th!
27/02/2011 D Lubi $50.00 Sending good wishes from California! I will run March 12 for New Zealand!
27/02/2011 Jean $25.00 Good luck to all!
27/02/2011 Rachel & Tristram Langford $25.00 All the best for a great run!
27/02/2011 MaD CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Gym $100.00 We'll be running on March 13. Thanks for putting this together.
27/02/2011 Brian Alt $32.00 I'll be joining everyone in proudly suiting up in the red & black on the weekend of March 12th (to run, jog, and walk) in support of our Kiwi friends in Christchurch.
27/02/2011 Yvette N. Powell $100.00 Rain or Shine, I'll be out there doing the 5K for all the great New Zealanders I've met.
27/02/2011 Kim $25.00 I'll be running my 5k here in Tucson, AZ.
27/02/2011 Karla & David Harms $70.00 Biking for you, Christchurch, all the way from Katy, Texas!! Anything to help out our Traineo friend, Mike :)
27/02/2011 Bjorn Winsnes $21.00 My wife is from New Brighton, CHCH. We currently live in France and I will be running a half marathon in Kandel, Germany, on the 13th of March. Anyone who know's me can come and watch and donate too! We heart Christchurch! x
27/02/2011 Martha $20.00 Wishing I could do more to help the people of Christchurch...
27/02/2011 Leishia $10.00
27/02/2011 Carla $20.00 I'm in too! Am due to have a baby on the 15th so will have to watch my Wii Trainer run the 5km from the comfort of my couch in Co.Mayo Ireland
27/02/2011 Cory $20.00 I'm in! Will be rounding up the troops for a run here in Co.Mayo Ireland. Anything to help the kiwis back home.
27/02/2011 Keegan $20.00
27/02/2011 Suzette Bradbury $80.00 Running the St. Patrick's Day 8K in Washington DC in red and black on Sunday March 15 - any other Kiwis in DC, please come join me!
27/02/2011 Laurie B $15.00
27/02/2011 Anna Hearn $25.00 I'll be sending blessings while running my own 5k run on 12/3 and will hopefully encourage a few friends to join. Plus I'll join the London group run on 13/3. What a great idea! All my thoughts are with home x
27/02/2011 Suz $15.00 12 of March - There'll be huge warm vibes around the world for our Kiwi's
27/02/2011 Sas Lockey $50.00 Team London is on board! For anyone who wants to join us for a group run: details are here http://bit.ly/eDQ73K check it out and take part!
26/02/2011 Sam $25.00
26/02/2011 Abby $25.00
26/02/2011 The Lacys $15.00
26/02/2011 Lauren Ashwell $50.00
26/02/2011 Sarah $25.00 Go Lucinda and Team. My thoughts are with you from Philly USA
26/02/2011 Pip $25.00
26/02/2011 Karyn $25.00 Good work guys. I will be running in red and black too.
26/02/2011 Lisa L $100.00 Love and support from Seattle, USA
26/02/2011 Tem $50.00 Pounding the other side of the planet at the Frankfurt Half-Marathon... thinking of Aotearoa.
26/02/2011 Rach $10.00
26/02/2011 Cindy D $25.00 Thank you for doing this - happy to help and happy to get some motivation to run.
26/02/2011 livemylove.tumblr.com $5.00
26/02/2011 Bob Lynott $10.00 I'll find some Red and Black to wear at my sprint triathlon on 3/13.
26/02/2011 kidsdoc $20.00
26/02/2011 Eric $25.00 Ill be running 6miles, praying for everyone every step of the way
26/02/2011 Donna E $10.00 I'll walk jog and run until it's complete :)
26/02/2011 Elizabeth H $27.00 15 miles and will be thinking of you every step of the way
25/02/2011 Mikki Williden $36.00 I've got a long run on the Sunday - wicked!
25/02/2011 Kate Hinvest $10.00
25/02/2011 jo Scott $10.00 I'll walk it though! :)
25/02/2011 Karen T $25.00
25/02/2011 Fee $25.00 Ill be racing a 7km in Denver on the 12th of March - so I will be wearing my red and black with pride
25/02/2011 Lucinda $50.00 I'm in and part of the Wellington crew!
25/02/2011 Sub6 $10.00
25/02/2011 Jenn O $5.00 I'm in! Not sure I can run 5k these days, especially after a training weekend with 35 km of walking, but I'll do my best.
25/02/2011 Caitlin $7.00
Total Raised Online: NZD$17,770.64
Total Raised Offline: NZD$330.00
GRAND TOTAL: NZD$18,100.64
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