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School Case Study – Gulf Harbour School, Auckland

Gulf Harbour School approached FundraiseOnline with the aim of raising funds through the service in conjunction with one of their annual school events, the School Walkathon, undertaken by all of its pupils. 600 pages were set up, the event completed, and the school had raised in excess of $9,500 through FundraiseOnline.

With the ability to solicit donations from relatives living across New Zealand and around the world, the school found that close to 20% of donations through FundraiseOnline were from outside of New Zealand – a totally new and previously untapped source of funds.

What is FundraiseOnline?

FundraiseOnline is New Zealand’s most successful web based service provider to the not for profit sector. We have been providing web donation support capability to the sector for over four years, and have facilitated the raising of over $NZD 7.5 million in that time.

We provide this service to hundreds of New Zealand not-for-profit entities, as well as providing our services in Australia and around the world. If you are looking to raise funds for your school, FundraiseOnline has the tools, the track record and the people to help you.

We have worked with several schools here in New Zealand to further refine our service offering to make sure it is specific to the sector, and now schools have the ability to utilise this successful service to help raise much needed funds.

How does it work?

We have a range of service offerings that can support your fundraising efforts. Our information sheet carries details, but briefly these include:

1. Event focused fundraising: Your pupils or school supporters undertake events or challenges, register on our site, build a web page (12 clicks and 2 minutes!) and then seek donations from their network – everything is web based, there is no cash handling so its safe, very low risk and very low administration impact.

2. Ticketing for events: If you are having an event that you want to sell tickets for, we can manage that through the site – low cost, low admin, highly effective. We are always developing new functionality for the site, and your feedback helps us do just that.

3. Specific fundraising targets: Need new equipment? You can set your page up within minutes and ask your community for financial support, and spread the word quickly and easily through FundraiseOnline.

4. Subscriptions and Annual Fees: You can easily email your parents and pupils through FundraiseOnline and get fees and subscriptions paid quickly and easily, with a minimum of maintenance and manual work. Parents are more likely to pay using FundraiseOnline, as they are able to utilise their credit cards, get the extra settlement time to pay and also collect their reward points from the payment.

5. Curriculum or sports team travel: FundraiseOnline has a partnership with Defining Moments, New Zealand’s leading travel service provider to schools. You can raise your travel funds through FundraiseOnline, and have all your travel needs taken care of through Defining Moments.

What does it cost?

Our focus is on delivering low cost, low risk, highly sustainable and effective fundraising capability to you. As such, we have some of the lowest fees available. In fact, because of the volume of transactions we process, we have been able to negotiate some of the lowest credit card fees charged in New Zealand, and these savings are passed on to our not-for-profit partners.

Fee Amount Note
Set Up Fee $200 first year
$150 renewal each year
Covers your setup and access to the site, there are no charges related to the number of pages created by you or your school.
Transaction Fees 5% + GST on all gross donations Applicable to donations made through the site
Credit Card Fees Amex: 1.5%
Visa, MasterCard: 1.8%

FundraiseOnline also provides other solutions that we can discuss with you – email and let her know what you are looking for.

What are the benefits?

  1. We provide internet capability that is low cost, low risk and proven – in fact, its so good, we've won awards for it.
  2. Funds received by us are settled monthly – you don’t have to wait until targets are reached, or the event is over – in fact, we often find that many fundraisers continue to receive donations until well after their events are finished.
  3. We support hundreds of charities in New Zealand and internationally and have done so for four years.
  4. Our costs to you are very low, and they will stay that way.
  5. The administration load is negligible – wherever possible we automate functionality.
  6. We use the most secure web technology and encryption tools available today, supported by robust, state of the art database technology that is industry standard.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your school to help you raise funds through FundraiseOnline.

You can email our Support Manager on for more details or to sign on.


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Mangorei School

Mangorei School is a city school with a country heart. It is located on the outskirts of New Plymouth city providing it with the clean, fresh feel of the countryside and the dynamic feeling of the city. Those at Mangorei School get the best of both worlds.
Mangorei School Biathlon/Triathlon
Mangorei School Biathlon/Triathlon
Mangorei School
Biathlon: swim and run
Triathlon: swim, bike and run

9.30 to 3pm
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