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Fight depression with the Burmester's

State King of the Bays - March 2012

State King of the Bays - March 2012

PAGE CREATOR: Moss Burmester
EVENT: Auckland Ocean Swim
EVENT DATE: 02/12/2012

Moss Burmester (Retired Olympic Swimmer) and his mum Bronwen will both be swimming the Auckland Harbour Crossing on Sunday 2nd of December 2012.

In the past Rosie the dog has swam the 2.9km distance and due to Rosie no longer being able to partake, Moss has taken on the challenge of kicking his way across the harbour without any use of his arms. "I hope to be the new bench mark for people to beat me across the harbour".

A motivation of completing this swim is to raise awareness and funds for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. "Depression has come close to home and apparently affects 1 in 5 kiwis and I want to raise awareness and funds for it".

It is another goal within Bronwen's fitness regime to overcome her depression of 3+ years.

"I would not wish depression on anyone and I am now able to admit to people that I suffered depression and am still fighting it but without the fear of it", says Bronwen.

Cheers for your donations,
Moss and Bronwen

My Online Sponsors To Date
28/12/2012 Boz $25.00
18/12/2012 Konstantine Michael Tzigounakis $25.00 Happy Holidays & Happy Fundraising mate!
07/12/2012 Liz Christian $10.00 Keep up the good work Bronwyn. Best wishes for a full recovery.
07/12/2012 Jody $50.00 Great job Bron, and a lovely article too.
06/12/2012 Linda & Gil $35.00 Well done.
01/12/2012 Fran Clark $25.00 Go Burmies!! xo
01/12/2012 Dan Abel $25.00 6 beat call all the way please mate. Good luck.
01/12/2012 Nick Blincoe $20.00 Good luck mate.
30/11/2012 Nicole Burmester $20.00 Go Team Burmester. Wishing you all the best for Sunday's swim.
30/11/2012 James Cameron $100.00 Go Mate !
30/11/2012 Gillian Gorick $50.00 Wishing you well in your swim - good luck
29/11/2012 Yvonne Burmester $25.00 Go Burmesters Go
29/11/2012 Sarah $20.00 You guys are doing a great thing! such an important cause, have a good race :)
29/11/2012 Rose $15.00
28/11/2012 John and Judith Hares $40.00 Good luck to Team Burmester
27/11/2012 Lyn $10.00 Great work Bronwen, I've had depression, and totally relate to how you described your feelings. You are an amazing, strong woman
21/11/2012 Treena Batters $25.00 Friend of Sally's. Good luck Bronwen
19/11/2012 Bob & Sarah $25.00 Good luck Burmesters. Moss is old now I think
you can all beat him!
15/11/2012 Sloanie $100.00
15/11/2012 Gemma Russell $25.00 xo
15/11/2012 Karen $25.00 amazing!!
15/11/2012 Jill & Shane $25.00 Go Bron, Moss, Cole & Dane! Anything to help
12/11/2012 Jodi and Frankie Milne $25.00 This is awesome Bronny!
12/11/2012 Kathy Fell $25.00 Good luck, friend of Sally
12/11/2012 Pat Burmester $10.00 Well done Burmesters
12/11/2012 Ilen Clark $20.00 Go Team Burmester!
12/11/2012 Trish & Len $25.00 Go guys!
12/11/2012 Sally Gulbis $50.00 go Bronny XX
12/11/2012 Adam Watson $50.00 Excellent cause
07/11/2012 evo $25.00 All the best mate good cause
07/11/2012 Leslie $25.00 Amazing and inspiring.
07/11/2012 Anna $40.00 http://www.getpushpay.com
07/11/2012 Elizabeth $10.00
07/11/2012 Sam $25.00 Inspirational!
07/11/2012 Jayne $50.00
06/11/2012 Rebecca $10.00
Total Raised Online: NZD$1,110.00
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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Mental Health Foundation of NZ
Mental Health Foundation of NZ
One in five New Zealanders will experience a mental illness in any given year. We aim to improve the mental health of all people and communities in New Zealand and work towards the elimination of stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. For more information see
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