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Every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria. The UNDER COVER movement is a community of Kiwis who are committed to one goal: to deliver 35,000 life-saving insecticide-treated mosquito nets to children living in malaria-endemic countries. One net protects up to four children– so the UNDER COVER movement will reach 140,000 children in total! At just $11 each they are a simple and cheap solution.

UNDER COVER supports UNICEF’s international target of delivering 25 million nets to children who need them by the end of 2010.

Malaria disease infects between 350-500 million people each year and kills more than one million – most are young children living in Africa. Nets reduce child mortality by 20% and illness by 50% by protecting children and families from deadly malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

"The numbers are astounding and unacceptable. We can help to change these numbers, and the lives behind them. Actions by governments and by the partners over the last few years have put the world in position to make major strides against Malaria" says Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF.

Join us now and become part of a global community of people who are passionate about saving children’s lives! Go UNDERCOVER!

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Every 30 seconds a child dies from Malaria, a disease so easily preventable. UNICEF NZ’s UNDERCOVER Movement aims to get 140,000 children under the cover of a life-saving net by the end of 2010. You can help us achieve this by fundraising for UNDERCOVER or purchasing a net. At $11 each, the insecticide-treated mosquito nets are a simple and cheap way of saving the lives of children. Go UNDERCOVER

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